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Insert Calendars

Insert single and multiple calendars in Google Sites


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Insert Calendars

  1. Open the Insert panel on the right
  2. Choose the Calendar option
  3. Select the calendar, or calendars, you wish to insert and then use the Insert button at the bottom of the right panel.
  4. Once inserted move and resize appropriately .
  5. Use the settings button (looks like a cog/gear) to change options


  • You cannot choose different colours for each calendar or change the title to show all the names.
  • You cannot change the calendars that were embedded so you need to delete the calendars and insert them again.
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Examples of Embedded Calendars

Agenda view

This view is good to show upcoming events as a list and not laid out like a calendar

Add Public Event to

Month view

Traditional month-to-page view of a calendar

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