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Insert a range of a Google Sheet - new Google Sites

Insert only a select range or even a single cell from a Google Sheet using the htmlembed URL in a new Google Site


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How to structure the Google Sheets /htmlembed URL

You can use the htmlembed URL to display just a range from a Google Sheet - here's how to structure the URL

  • SpreadsheedID should be the long letters, numbers and characters you get in the normal URL

  • htmlembed is for sheets you have not published: use pubhtml instead if you have chosen to publish the sheet (if you want the public to see it it's the best way

  • single never been sure what it does, but we think it helps with only showing a single sheet instead of multiple sheets

  • SheetID is the sheet number you get in the normal URL after the ?gid= (this is not the sheet name you have specified but the automatic number that Google Sheets provides)

  • range lets you specify the range of cells you want to display

  • widget lets you choose whether to display the sheet tabs at the bottom

  • chrome lets you choose whether to display the spreadsheet title at the top

  • headers lets you choose whether to display the spreadsheet title at the top

Example Google Sheet to embed from

Google Sheet

Embedded Ranges from the Google Sheet

A Range

A Single Cell

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