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Upload Files - Google Drive for new Google Sites

Use Google Drive to upload and share your files you want to provide from your Google Site


Google Drive - Upload and Share

Google Sites - Embed Folder or Link

Alternatively just link to your Google Drive file or folder.

You're done!  

Publish your page and whoever you shared with folder from Google Drive will be able to see the contents of the folder embedded in the Google Site.

Need a better Google Drive Gadget?

If the standard Google Drive Folder embed does not give you everything you need take a look at the Steegle Google Drive Gadget that offers search, sorting, download links and more...

List View

List of the file titles and the last modified dates and times, You also see the name of the user who last modified the file.  

You cannot hide the last modified date, time or user. 

Grid View

You see a large thumbnail of the files with its file name. You do not see the last modified date, time or any user information.

You cannot alter the size of the thumbnail displayed. 


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