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Add to Search Console - new Google Sites

Add and verify a new Google Site to the Google Search Console using tis URL via Google Analytics


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Add and verify in Google Search Console

Publish Site

    1. Use the Publish button

    2. Publish to Anyone on the web

    3. Allow my site to appear in search results

Enable Site Analytics

    1. In Google Analytics create New Property

    2. Copy the Tracking ID

    3. Add Tracking ID and enable Site Analytics

Add to Google Search Console

    1. Add new property - use your published site URL but do not include any of the page URL (e.g. remove /home from the end)

    2. Choose to verify with Google Analytics (normally this happens automatically)

    3. Use the Verify button


    • 24-48 hours to see traffic in Google Analytics

    • 1-2 Months to see search data in Google Search Console

    • Data in Google Search Console can be old

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