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Google sites is a responsive platform which enables it to work on a variety of devices like PC, Tablets and Mobiles. But what if you want a predominately mobile app solution for your employees or clients to interact with your business or services?

Normally professional apps cost tens of thousands of dollars, but with Google Sites you can develop editable mobile sites that look attractive, are easy to manage and give your brand added appeal for a fraction of cost with no extra fees like hosting or security management.

Here we have a selection of designs that provide a portal to access mobile systems, like operations, sales HR, accounting, ticketing and services like news and staff directory etc from one convenient shortcut webpage.

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Questions about Google Sites Mobiles Apps

Does a Google site mobile app work offline?

No: Google Sites only reside online so you need an internet connection to access the Google Site Mobile App.

Can the look and feel be completely customised?

We offer various starter themes that have been pre-designed to work for you, but we can customise the design to meet your needs.

Does the mobile app work with Android, iOS and others?

Yes: Google Sites is fully mobile responsive and the designs we have made are particularly optimised for mobile display.

Where is the data in the Google Sites mobile app stored?

Google stores the data in Google Drive and Google Sites .

Does the mobile app need to be cleared by my Apple app store or Google Play store?

No: the app is web-based and available in any web browser, so you don't need to install from any app store.

What are the additional charges for hosting and maintaining the system?

Google Sites is either free or at no additional cost within Google Workspace and Google ensures that it's systems are available 24/7.

Steegle People for Google Workspace

  • Add an Employee Directory and Instant Org Charts to your Google Site

  • Integrates with Google Sites or any other intranet platform , e.g. WordPress, Igloo, Joomla, LumApps, Sharepoint or Confluence.

  • Search for skills/expertise, customise look, feel and features.

  • Celebrate upcoming work anniversaries and birthdays.

  • Save time and effort as org charts are created automatically from your Google Workspace accounts

  • Price from pennies per user per month.