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Steegle News: A Perfect Replacement for Google Currents

If you're seeking an alternative to Google Currents, migrate to Steegle News presents a compelling choice. A news aggregator that can be seamlessly integrated into Google sites or Google Workspace, Steegle News offers a feature-rich experience surpassing that of Google Currents.

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Steegle News - Migrate from Google Currents

On January 18, 2023, Google declared its decision to phase out Google Currents, its news and information app, effective from July 1, 2023.

Introduced as a replacement for Google+ for G Suite in 2019, Google Currents served as a social media platform tailored to businesses and organizations. This platform facilitated users to share news, updates, and ideas within their professional networks and was integrated with other Google Workspace tools, such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive, offering a comprehensive workspace.

Stepping into the void left by Google Currents is Steegle News, a versatile gadget that enables users to showcase news articles and blog posts on their Google Sites. It is an invaluable asset for businesses and organizations aiming to keep their teams updated. Steegle News boasts of an easy-to-use interface; users simply need to input the title, link, and snippet of the news article or blog post they wish to display. Following this, Steegle News auto-generates a thumbnail image and metadata for the article.

Steegle News the frontend tool for Google Sites with mosiac view
Steegle News Mosaic view - conveniently depicting multiple stories in the feed
Steegle News splash story view

Key Features and Benefits of Steegle News

Steegle News offers an easy transition from Google Currents, providing a familiar but enhanced user experience.

Steegle News supports separate roles for editors and administrators, ensuring content and user management control.

Can be effortlessly embedded in Google Sites or other platforms, providing versatile content display and integration options.

With all data stored within Google Workspace, third-party privacy concerns are eliminated.

Steegle News can be paired with other Steegle One tools for a holistic and automated intranet solution, enhancing user engagement.

Designed to work seamlessly with Google Workspace, Steegle News lets you leverage familiar tools and features.

Create a visually appealing and informative news section aligned with your organization's aesthetic and informational needs.

Stay informed with the latest news and developments through real-time updates from Steegle News.

Manage and curate content effortlessly, keeping your news section relevant and fresh.

Navigate and engage with ease, thanks to Steegle News' user-friendly interface.

Target specific audiences within your organization, ensuring relevant news and updates reach the right people.

Enhance user experience with multimedia content support, including images, videos, and audio files.

Foster collaboration within your organization by providing a platform for sharing and discussing news and updates.

 Improve employee engagement and satisfaction by keeping them informed and fostering a sense of community.

Steegle News Gadget Logo

Steegle News is not just a service; it's an investment in a secure, customizable, and easy-to-use experience. For more information about Steegle News or to start your subscription, visit the Steegle website or contact us at [email protected] Experience superior news aggregation with Steegle News today!"

Steegle News tool screenshot with mosiac view to replace Google Currents

Steegle News Mosiac View

Steegle News tool screenshot with single post view to replace Google Currents

Steegle News Single Post View

Steegle News tool screenshot with frontend news posting view to replace Google Currents

Steegle News Posting Frontend View

Steegle News tool screenshot of volleyball league affinity group

Steegle News Affinity Group View {ERGS and Hobbies]

Steegle News tool screenshot for posting the job vacancy

Steegle News Job Vacancy View

Steegle News tool screenshot of the HR news on the HR department page

Steegle News HR Department View

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