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Tips on Improving Google Workspace Security

Nowadays, you need extra precaution to keep your sensitive data from viruses and cyberattacks. Learn how you can improve the security of your Google Workspace.

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Nowadays, it is vital to ensure that you have security risk management for your organization or business. Especially with the evolving technology and different types of working environments, your data is more at risk from malicious software, viruses, hackers, and cyber-attacks. 

In this article, you will learn how you can improve your Google Workspace security protocols to reduce end-user risk and centralize control. 

How to Improve Google Workspace Security

Introduce security to your employees and encourage them to enable single-sign-on and 2-step verification to boost security on their accounts. 

This is often overlooked but is proven to be an effective way to secure your end-user accounts in case their account credentials or passwords are compromised. 

2. Use Data Classification

One way to protect your files in Google Drive is by tagging your cloud data. By simply labeling your files, you can easily identify confidential data and apply policies that meet your business compliance requirements.

For example, most employees don’t need access to payroll documents and customer payment details. These sensitive files shouldn’t be stored in your organization’s public Google Drive. 

Classifying your files will help keep your employees safe and protect your customer’s confidential data.

3. Endpoint Security Management

Nowadays, more companies are allowing employees to work remotely. In case an account receives suspicious threats or account credentials get hacked, your data would be more at risk of data breach and security threats. Luckily, Google Workspace allows admins to manage everything remotely using the Admin Console. 

With Endpoint Management, you can easily suspend suspicious or hacked accounts, require a lock screen and encryption, or completely delete confidential data from mobile devices from one central location. 

4. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Loss Protection (DLP) for Drive and Gmail allows administrators to control how data is shared externally to prevent data loss. DLP gives you control over what users can share and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information such as identification numbers or credit card numbers. 

DLP triggers the scanning of sensitive data to prevent users from sharing that specific content. Rules determine the nature of DLP incidents and trigger actions.

5. Know Your Data

Run an audit from time to time to determine the exact data sources and where or who they are being shared with. Once you have an idea of how your company uses data and who has access to it, you can easily make changes to your security strategy to prevent data from being hacked. 

To get information on how file sharing exposes your data or to determine who has access to specific data, you can use Google’s file exposure report.

You can also use the audit and investigation page in your Google Admin console to review user and administrator activity in your company. You can also track users and admins for security purposes.

The availability of these features depends on your Cloud Identity or Google Workspace edition.

6. Third-Party Apps Control

With Google Workspace, you can modify access control to third-party apps to reduce the risk of data breaches through APIs. You can restrict access to most Google Workspace services. For Google Drive and Gmail, you can also restrict access to high-risk services like deleting files or sending emails.

This is ideal for large organizations or if you have remote employees, as too many accounts can be difficult to manage without proper monitoring. Before you begin restricting apps, identify apps that you want to control. You can also use special tools to help you determine which apps are important for the business and how many users are using them. 

You also need to make sure that these apps are in line with your compliance requirements. 

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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