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California Steel Industries' intranet built, mobile responsively, in Google SitesKniship's intranet 'Kintranet' built with Steegle Springboard intranet platform for Google WorkspaceWefox Intranet built with Google Sites and Steegle People and Steegle NewsTexan Insurance's 'Titan' Intranet built with Steegle Springboard intranet solution for Google Workspace

California Steel Industries Intranet

California Steel Industries - Logo
Intranet for heavy manufacturing company built with Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


California Steel Industries is a steel processing and finishing company that operates a facility in Fontana, California.

Staff - 1000+



Cost-effective and User-Friendly Intranet Solution for Google Workspace Users!

"If you're looking to develop a central hub for company communications at a fair price and in record time, look no further than Steegle. Our manufacturing company, with employs 900+ employees, has long been in need of a central point of communications to share company resources and news..."

by Natalie B


California Steel Industries (CSI) uses Google Workspace for its productivity platform and, with a number of Google Sites, CSI wanted to centralize resources and increase two-way communication by replacing its outdated classic Google Sites with powerful tools and a fresh mobile responsive look.

The team surveyed the market and looked at multiple options before choosing Steegle Springboard. CSI chose Springboard Intranet due to its integration with the Google Workspace directory, to give a people finder and instant, automatic org charts, and


Steegle designed a Springboard intranet solution for the CSI to overcome the challenges they faced. Key to success was a powerful people search directory and org chart which could be linked to an HRIS but also enable temporary contract resources to access and be part of the intranet to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

Kinship - Kintranet

Kinship - Logo
Intranet for pet care provider built with Steegle Springboard Intranet Platform for Google Workspace


Kinship is an interconnected group of brands, teams, and partners, that brings together individual niches to work toward a common purpose in the animal kingdom. As part of the Mars Petcare family Kinship shares its belief that "pets make the world better, so we should make the world better for pets, too".

Global Offices - Staff - 200+



Kintranet v1 launched!

"Thank you for all the support you and your team provided throughout the project which will certainly accelerate communication in our global employe community!"

by Tim T


The company had been investigating various solutions to put an intranet solution together. As the parent group is of public importance, security and cost effectiveness were paramount concerns, a solution which could involve remaining entirely within the current Google Workspace infrastructure as well as delivering the added value functionality that was required.


Steegle designed a springboard design with bundle of tools for kinship to deliver 360 degree intranet solutions for people, departments and the global group supporting its distributed offices.

Wefox - Intranet

wefox - Logo
Intranet for a gadget insurance company built on Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


wefox is the #1 insurtech (digital insurance) company in the world and provides tech enabled human agents. wefox serves five countries across Europe and are backed by industry-leading partners and investors. wefox uses technology to simplify insurance and offers the right advice when needed. Its states mission is to "make insurance 10x better".

Staff - 1200+



Great Support for developing our Intranet

"The team at Steegle helped us design our first global intranet using Google Sites. They helped us set it up and gave us the tools to develop it even further. Peter and Stephen were always super helpful and well prepared, I can only recommend them!"

by Feras Tayeb


Wefox is a disruptor in the insurance industry and is growing exponentially. They were lacking a central place to distribute communications, news guidance to provide across all territories. The key for them was to find a solution that was able to deliver a secure platform very quickly and reach out to all countries.


Steegle designed an on-brand intranet with all the necessary tools for wefox to deliver their intranet portal smoothly. This was done in a matter of weeks rather than many months that would've been the case with other prospective solutions.

Texan Insurance

Texan Insurance - Logo
Intranet for a local insurance agency powered by Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace by Steegle


Texan Insurance is a full-service, family-owned and operated insurance agency serving the Houston, Texas area since 1985.

Staff - 130+



Steegle knows GOOGLE

"Steegle is INCREDIBLE as a knowledgeable, trusted, and reliable creative partner. We are an Insurance Agency and had just acquired another agency. We were looking for expertise with Google Workspace to help build an intranet site to provide an employee engagement and news platform.

We are very pleased with our intranet site and feel confident that it will continue to meet our current and future needs. I highly recommend this team!"

by Cynthia Brook


Texan Insurance needed an intranet to provide an employee engagement platform, news repository, and as a training ground to help manage standard operating processes and upskill its staff.

Texan's communication team was able to outline a few key components of what would be needed, and Steegle provided examples of previous intranet projects to direct and guide Texan Insurance. Some of Texan Insurance's ideas were not necessarily served well by an intranet site and more applicable to a customer relationship management system and the Steegle Springboard Philosophy helped greatly with focus on the final design.


Steegle designed a springboard design with bundle of tools to deliver 360 degree intranet solutions, adhering to the company policies and branding, and provided training and coaching for managing Texan's intranet, conducted over virtual meetings, which Texan insurance commented on as "very effective".