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Google Sites Intranet Case Studies

Fashion: Frette Intranet

Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace design in Google Sites for a retail chain of producers of luxurious linens, home furnishings, and loungewear.

Every client will have a unique perspective and industry and in the case of Frette high design is their DNA, so that features front and centre on the Intranet platform.


Founded in 1860 in Italy, Frette has a rich heritage of producing luxurious linens, home furnishings, and loungewear. Famous for their chic design, finish, and feel, Frette bed linens can be found in many of the world's most prestigious hotels, as well as the most discerning private homes, yachts, and even aircraft. In fact, Frette linens dressed the dining room tables of the Titanic in 1912 and are still used today on the Orient Express train.

Frette distribute through wholesale trade partners and sell directly to consumers online and through more hundreds of retail boutiques worldwide.


I was tasked with creating a company intranet to be accessed by our employees globally. I was happy to find and work with Steegle as they helped to turn a basic google site to something a lot more interactive including a robust employee directory, shout-outs page and news feature. They helped me every step of the way and provided suggestions to optimize our employees' experience. After launching the intranet they have kept in contact and are readily accessible to answer any questions. Highly recommend!

by Grisette Lizardo


Frette is a growing of brand with offices around the world in different regions. The HR team needed a corporate intranet system to create efficiencies and cost savings from eliminating duplication of effort, and to pass down standards to all employees in all the different business regions. Whilst attempts were made to use native Google Sites, for the internet, more powerful features were required in the intranet to increase employee productivity, like a staff directory and incorporate enterprise search for the file repository.


Steegle designed an intranet for Frette with powerful collaboration tools. A newsletter feature was developed so that user-generated, company news stories could be emailed to employees.  

Manufacturing: California Steel 

California Steel Industries - logo
Intranet for heavy manufacturing company built with Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


California Steel Industries is a steel processing and finishing company that operates a facility in Fontana, California.

Staff - 1000+



Cost-effective and User-Friendly Intranet Solution for Google Workspace Users!

"If you're looking to develop a central hub for company communications at a fair price and in record time, look no further than Steegle. Our manufacturing company, with employs 900+ employees, has long been in need of a central point of communications to share company resources and news..."

Natalie B
Assistant Manager, Communications


California Steel Industries (CSI) uses Google Workspace for its productivity platform and, with a number of Google Sites, CSI wanted to centralize resources and increase two-way communication by replacing its outdated classic Google Sites with powerful tools and a fresh mobile responsive look.

The team surveyed the market and looked at multiple options before choosing Steegle.One. CSI chose Steegle.One Intranet due to its integration with the Google Workspace directory, to give a people finder and instant, automatic org charts, and 


Steegle designed a Steegle.One intranet solution for the CSI to overcome the challenges they faced. Key to success was a powerful people search directory and org chart which could be linked to an HRIS but also enable temporary contract resources to access and be part of the intranet to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

Tech and AI: Kinship - Kintranet

Kinship - logo
Intranet for pet care provider built with Steegle Springboard Intranet Platform for Google Workspace


Kinship is an interconnected group of brands, teams, and partners, that brings together individual niches to work toward a common purpose in the animal kingdom. As part of the Mars Petcare family Kinship shares its belief that "pets make the world better, so we should make the world better for pets, too".

Global Offices - Staff - 200+



Kintranet v1 launched!

"Thank you for all the support you and your team provided throughout the project which will certainly accelerate communication in our global employe community!"

Tim T


The company had been investigating various solutions to put an intranet solution together. As the parent group is of public importance, security and cost effectiveness  helps justify the business case for adopting  an automated enterprise social network. Kinship needed a solution which could involve remaining entirely within its own Google Workspace infrastructure, as well as delivering the added teamwork functionality that was required. 


Steegle designed a Steegle.One design with a bundle of tools for kinship to deliver 360-degree intranet solutions for people, departments and the global group supporting its distributed offices.

Charity: Village of Wisdom


Village of Wisdom support family organizing and advocacy entities working to eliminate racial injustice in schools. To this end they develop tools and resources that help parents, teachers, and students create ideal learning environments in North Carolina region of  United States. 


Intranet Portal for a Community Charity: Village of Wisdom developed by Steegle Team


When I reviewed lots of products out there, the best thing I found about this choice was that it was integrated with Google workspace and that the data would remain on our Google Workspace domain. The platform is user-friendly and provides ease for employees to access the intranet. The Google Workspace capability is phenomenal and links well with the Steegle.One platform. The set-up and engagement with Steegle staff were quick and efficient. We were able to get my platform set up within a couple of weeks. I highly recommend this platform for your intranet needs. Other solutions had the security risk of data being transferred to another platform, and I would also have to learn new administration and ways of working when I'm very familiar with the way Google works. This product helps us combine all of our information into one neat solution.

Lashika H.Assistant Director of Operations

Brokers: Texan Insurance

Texan Insurance - Logo
Texan Insurance intranet case study


Texan Insurance is a full-service, family-owned and operated insurance agency serving the Houston, Texas area since 1985.

Staff - 130+



Steegle knows GOOGLE

"Steegle is INCREDIBLE as a knowledgeable, trusted, and reliable creative partner. We are an Insurance Agency and had just acquired another agency. We were looking for expertise with Google Workspace to help build an intranet site to provide an employee engagement and news platform.

We are very pleased with our intranet site and feel confident that it will continue to meet our current and future needs. I highly recommend this team!"

Cynthia Brook
Executive Assistant


Texan Insurance needed an intranet dashboard to provide a digital workplace, company news repository, and assist learning management, to help manage centralized business processes and upskill its staff with a simple adoption process.

Texan's communication team was able to outline a few key components of what would be needed, and Steegle provided examples of previous intranet projects to direct and guide Texan Insurance. Some of Texan Insurance's ideas were not necessarily served well by an intranet site and more applicable to a customer relationship management system and the  Steegle.One Philosophy helped greatly with focusing on the final design. 


Steegle designed a responsive design, with an easy-to-use bundle of tools, to deliver 360-degree intranet solutions, adhering to the company policies and branding. The Steegle.One intranet application provided training and coaching for managing Texan's intranet, conducted over virtual meetings, which Texan insurance commented on as "very effective". 

Education: VLACS Intranet

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School - Logo
Student portal, education intranet built on Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) is an established and respected leader in customized, online learning. Based in New Hampshire, USA, their customized approach to teaching and learning helps elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners earn their diploma and learn new skills.

Staff: 330 Students : 10,000+



I am very impressed with the knowledge…

I am very impressed with the knowledge and skills that the Steegle staff is able to apply to Google-related projects. They helped us create two Google intranet sites on time and on budget. Thank you!

Steve Kossakoski

Maximizing the accessibility is vital to  enable your end users to work more collaboratively, from anywhere, so Google Sites' ability to offer both private and public websites meant that both the employees and parents can access their account from any device.


The company had been investigating various solutions (other enterprise social networks like Igloo and Noodle) to support and maintain the intranet and extranet. As the parent group is of public importance,  security and cost effectiveness were paramount concerns, a solution which could involve remaining entirely within the current Google Workspace infrastructure as well as delivering the added value functionality that was required. 


Steegle designed a Steegle.One design with a bundle of tools for VLACS to deliver 360-degree intranet solutions for people, departments and the global group supporting its distributed offices.

Education: Edvoy Intranet

Endoy Intranet Case Study Screenshot


Edvoy believes everyone has the right to an education. Their technology connects prospective students and education providers through impartial advice and engaging content to help make their decisions easier. The innovative Edvoy platform has helped tens of thousands of students in global locations find their ideal study programme around the world by rich information, videos and resources. 

Global Employees: Fast growing 200+ 


Breaking the barrier for effective communication and to soothe the internal operations of teams. A centralised portal for employees to meet, greet and share the digital workspace along with their teams and management.


A timesaver for internal communications. Great design, security  & brilliant features. What I think is the best about the Steegle  Steegle.One Intranet is that 1) it is user-friendly and easy 2) It provides a centralised secure communication platform to all our people across the globe 3) It integrates with Google workspace so our data remains in Google 4) It links everything we need departments,  apps, documents, locations and files 5) The people search and org charts features are great because I can find everything within seconds 6) Branding - the Steegle team embodied our distinctive brand and design language into our solution 7) Customer service is always a positive experience when we do have queries  10/10.

Mudassar Basheer
Global IT 

Education: Ancora Education

Anora Education Intranet case study


Anchora is a renowned provider of upskilling, reskilling, and vocational education services, catering to companies such as Amazon. They offer skills-based training programs. With a workforce of around 800 across 26 locations, Anchora is an industry leader.


We are fully Google-based, so having an intranet employee platform fully integrated with Google was important. While user-friendly, Google Sites lacks functionality. The Steegle team, experts in the field, were able to fill this gap by providing tools and consultancy to make Google Sites into a perfect and engaging platform. Being a highly distributed organization, the Steegle Solution helped us with easy remote access while still offering security and compliance. It's been over a year since we installed our intranet with Steegle, and it's been great to see the products are still being developed with many new features.

Kevin Peoples
AVP- Information Technology 


As a well-established organization serving thousands of end users, Ancora Education was already familiar with the advantages of having an employee digital workspace platform. They had previously built an intranet using classic Google sites, which consisted of hundreds of pages. However, with the transition to the new Google sites, the IT and Communications teams aimed to revamp the platform and improve its functionality in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. They also sought to incorporate features such as staff searches, convenient document uploading, and efficient methods of disseminating news and updates.


Steegle created a Google Sites Intranet that fulfilled all of their specifications without sacrificing ergonomics or functionality. They were able to provide all the necessary features as required in the specification without compromising on ergonomics or functionality and features.

C2 Management

C2 Management Intranet template designed and developed by the Steegle team.
Org chart tool - Steegle People designed for C2 company


C2 Management is a leading provider of environmentally responsible electronic waste disposal solutions, with a focus on asset recovery, IT asset disposition (ITAD), electronic recycling, and secure data destruction. With over 65 years of combined experience and a team of highly vetted professionals, the company has built a strong reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

Employees: 100+  



 "As a busy leader of the business, I was impressed with how quickly the friendly Steegle team put together the Steegle.One solution, which we branded as C2it! Surprisingly, minimal effort was required from my team, and I was able to delegate staff to handle the management and creation of new pages with ease, just like using Google Docs without requiring extensive technical expertise. The growth of our business had been posing communication challenges among employees, and we needed a solution that was highly secure, flexible, and on-brand. Steegle.One provided exactly that.

The C2 Intranet has revolutionized our communication and improved employee connectivity, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. I appreciated the platform's ease of management, customization options, and quick development process, which allowed us to create a highly secure and on-brand solution that met all our communication needs, while allowing me to focus on other important aspects of the business."

Chris Hansen
President at C2 


As the company continued to grow, communication among employees became increasingly challenging. The legacy Intranet system, which relied on a Wordpress site and email, was complex to manage, required knowledge of HTML, unwieldy and time-consuming. The integration with Google Workspace was also limited, making it difficult to use with other Google tools like Google Docs and Sheets. As a busy leader of the business, Chris Hansen, President of C2 Management, was not involved in IT day-to-day, and needed a solution that could be managed easily, delegating staff to do the management and creation of new pages.

After carefully considering several internet packages, C2 Management decided to build their solution using Google Sites and the Steegle.One platform. The platform was chosen for its flexibility, quick development process, customization options, cost effectiveness and strong integration with Google Workspace.


The outcome was the creation of the C2 Intranet (C2 It!), which dramatically improved communication and connection among employees. The intranet boasts a centralized news area, an employee directory with skill search, a searchable file repository, a staff recognition area, and a secure knowledge database for new employees. The intranet is tailored to the company's brand, secure, and has proven to be a valuable asset to C2 Management's operations.