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10 Benefits of Intranet for Education

Nowadays, schools are already digital. An education intranet allows students to have access to learning materials outside school.

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Nowadays, education should be more robust and flexible. We all know that the global pandemic has caused chaos and disturbances in our lives. Limited face-to-face classes or no access to learning materials made educational institutions remodel learning. 

An intranet software for your school or institution provides a secure and reliable platform to help meet the needs of the students. An effective intranet help students have access to shared information, collaborate with teachers and other students, and be more productive.

10 Benefits of a Google-Based Intranet for Your School or College

Google-based intranets are popular because of their collaboration features which help strengthen internal collaboration. Students can work on the same document simultaneously.

An intranet like Steegle.One makes it easier for an organization to keep and organize digital staff records. All employees including administrative staff, teachers, part-time workers, club members, etc, will have their own profile on the intranet. This will help other employees be familiar with their colleagues 

3. Share Events

Each year, schools and institutions have many events. An effective way to keep the staff and students informed about upcoming events is by posting them on your school’s intranet. Modern intranets like Steegle.One allows users to view upcoming events in their calendars.

4. Align Teams in Distributed Environments

If your institution has remote employees, a Google-based intranet is the best way to connect and involve offsite employees. Users can organize virtual meetings and take advantage of Google’s collaborative tools to increase productivity.

5. Share News

One way to improve internal communication is by sharing news on your intranet. News should be up-to-date and relevant to also help increase intranet adoption. 

6. Google Workspace Can Be Free

The best part is, Google Workspace is free for qualifying institutions. However, Google also offers premium paid editions including Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus.

7. Centralized Resources

Whether you’re updating your school’s handbook or designing a brochure, the best way to store and share documents is through an intranet. With a Google-based intranet, selected users will be able to view and edit documents seamlessly. We know that teachers and administration staff deal with lots of tasks daily, that’s why we figured out that an intranet like Steegle.One is the best way to manage these tasks effectively.

8. Personalized Learning

Most teachers believe that personalizing their student’s education is the key to success because it makes the students responsible for their own learning. 

Modern intranet solutions allow teachers to set deadlines and submit their own coursework.

9. Fully Integrated

Google continuously integrates its app, which means users to collaborate and edit documents in real-time without having to open another tool or switch tabs. A fully integrated intranet increases the productivity in a workspace and at the same time, it allows users to gain access to vital information.

10. Provides an Excellent User Experience

The last thing you want your employees to experience is spending too much time learning or navigating on the intranet tools. 

A smooth and easy to use intranet will deliver the best user experience no matter what device you’re using. With a Google-based intranet, users can effortlessly find relevant documents and navigate seamlessly.

FAQ About Intranet for Education

Can students access the intranet outside of school hours?

Yes, the intranet is accessible at any time from anywhere, providing students with the flexibility to learn according to their schedules.

How secure is the data within the education intranet?

Security is a top priority. The Google Workspace intranet solution offers robust security features to protect sensitive educational data.

Can the intranet accommodate different types of media, such as video and interactive content?

Absolutely. The intranet supports various media types, enabling dynamic and engaging educational content.

Are there training resources available for educators new to the intranet?

Yes, we offer comprehensive onboarding and training materials to ensure educators can fully leverage the intranet's capabilities.

How does the intranet help with managing school events and calendars?

The intranet allows for centralized event management and calendar visibility, keeping both staff and students informed of upcoming events and schedules.

Is there a way to measure the intranet's impact on productivity?

We provide analytics tools that track usage patterns and engagement, helping to measure and optimize productivity.

How does the intranet facilitate personalized education?

The intranet allows teachers to tailor learning experiences, track progress, and provide individualized resources and support to students.

Are Google Workspace tools included in the free version for educational institutions?

Yes, qualifying institutions can access Google Workspace tools for free, with additional premium features available through paid editions.

What kind of support does offer for intranet implementation and maintenance?

We provide end-to-end support including development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your intranet runs smoothly.

How can we ensure that all staff and students will be able to use the intranet effectively?

Our intranet solutions are designed with ease of use in mind, and we provide user-friendly training resources to ensure everyone can navigate and utilize the intranet effectively.

Looking for a customized intranet solution for your School on Google Workspace Technology?

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Sales Hotlines

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