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10 Reasons to Build a Google-Based Intranet

Get to know the benefits in building a Google-based intranet.

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Nowadays, intranets are cloud-based to give employees easy access to the company’s platform and vital documents no matter where they are. Intranets improve internal communication and collaboration within the organization. 

One of the most successful and recognized brands in the technology industry is Google. Google Workspace allows real-time collaboration among users. 

Just to clarify, Google Workspace alone is not an intranet. Integrating Google Workspace with intranet providers such as Steegle and LumApps create a Google-based intranet. 

What is a Google-Based Intranet? 

Everyone is familiar with Google, right? Google originally started as a search engine. Right now, one of their most recognized products is the Google Workspace. This is used to make make communication and collaboration easier and more efficient. 

Here are the following apps included in Google Workspace:

10 Reasons to Invest in a Google-Based Intranet

With Google, you have the ability to decide on what type of access your employees will have. You can assign roles and give permission to access some files. You can assign users to edit or view a specific document. This will prevent unauthorized users to change or update company documents. 

While Google allows a single sign-on feature, your data is still secured.

2. Familiar Tools

Almost everybody is familiar with basic Google apps like Gmail or Google Drive, right? 

The great thing about implementing a Google-based intranet is that employees won’t need intensive and time-consuming training just to learn how to work with a Google-based intranet. The apps are user-friendly and easy to learn. Google Workspace makes employee adoption a smooth process.

3. Single Sign-On Access

Most of us already have Google accounts like Google Drive and Gmail. This is a bonus since the Google interface is familiar to most people. 

Once your employees have been introduced to your Google intranet, they will use the same log-in for your company intranet and Google Workspace. Your employees can have access to the entire Google spectrum.

4. Improves Internal Communication

Implementing a Google-based intranet significantly enhances internal communication within your organization. With a comprehensive suite of tools and applications at their disposal, employees can effortlessly connect and collaborate, fostering a productive work environment. 

Moreover, the intranet provides convenient access to forms that facilitate the seamless forwarding of requests or training sign-ups to designated individuals or departments for swift approval. 

This streamlined process ensures efficient communication flows and enables prompt handling of tasks, promoting effective teamwork and reducing bottlenecks. 

5. Easy to Maintain and Use

The ease of maintenance and usability of an intranet is a crucial consideration for many. Fortunately, with a Google-based intranet like Steegle, managing and updating content becomes effortless, eliminating the need for users to acquire extensive knowledge of complex coding languages. 

The user-friendly interface and intuitive features of Steegle empower individuals to easily add and manage content, ensuring a seamless experience without the hassle of intricate technical requirements. The ease of maintenance and usage enables organizations to maximize productivity and focus on core operations, all while reaping the benefits of an efficient and user-friendly intranet solution.

6. Increases Collaboration Between Employees

Nowadays, many employees work remotely. To be able to work efficiently and effectively, it's crucial for remote teams to be on the same page. With a Google-based intranet, your employees can collaborate seamlessly with other users and have access to important documents wherever they are.

Google's cloud-based apps is the best way to achieve this. Moreover, it's user-friendly and easy to implement. Remote employees can use the tools or apps instantly without spending a lot of time training and navigating. 

7. Maximizes ROI

Maximizing ROI becomes a tangible reality when you choose to invest in Google Workspace and seamlessly integrate it with an intranet. This strategic decision not only ensures a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain two separate platforms but also empowers your organization with a comprehensive suite of collaborative tools, enhanced productivity features, and streamlined workflows. 

8. Fully Integrated

Google continuously integrates its app, which means users to collaborate and edit documents in real-time without having to open another tool or switch tabs. 

A fully integrated intranet increases the productivity in a workspace and at the same time, it allows users to gain access to vital information.

9. Provides an Excellent User Experience

The last thing you want your employees to experience is spending too much time learning or navigating on the intranet tools. 

A smooth and easy to use intranet will deliver the best user experience no matter what device you’re using. With a Google-based intranet, users can effortlessly find relevant documents and navigate seamlessly.

10. Employee Survey

If you're still uncertain about whether your intranet design will effectively drive employee adoption, conducting a quick and simple survey can provide valuable insights. 

Leveraging tools like Google Forms, you can easily create and distribute a survey to gather feedback from your employees, helping you understand their needs and preferences. By engaging your workforce in this process, you can gain valuable input that informs the design and functionality of your intranet, ensuring it aligns with their expectations and requirements. 

This employee-centric approach not only fosters a sense of inclusion but also increases the likelihood of successful intranet implementation and widespread adoption throughout your organization.

Building a Powerful Google-Based Intranet with Steegle.One 

Implementing a Google-based intranet is an excellent choice. However, Google Sites lacks features and tools to create a powerful intranet. 

So, what's the solution?

Steegle.One offers a range of tools that can significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of your Google Sites intranet.

Steegle.One's Org Charts is a cloud-based collaboration tool that provides an up-to-date list of all employees and automates the user lifecycle. It also allows users to configure hierarchy charts on their PC or tablet. By embedding Steegle.One Org Charts onto a responsive website with a secure employee intranet, businesses can improve employee engagement. Multiple case studies are available to demonstrate how organizations have utilized this tool to enhance their enterprise social network. 

Steegle Share Essential Live Demo

Steegle.One's Share for Google Drive is a custom Google Drive gadget that provides an efficient solution for embedding and searching a specific folder or Shared Drive. With this powerful tool, you can seamlessly integrate Google Drive into your website, offering search and sort options to enhance user experience. The gadget enables you to display and search files within the embedded folder or Shared Drive, providing convenient access to the desired content. 

Check out the other options for Steegle Share here.

Steegle.One's news tool is a powerful web-based platform that can automate and streamline internal communications across your organization's departments, teams, and affinity groups. 

With Steegle.One News, you can optimize your internal communication and keep your teams connected and informed 

Transform your information management with ease and efficiency to support the flexible hybrid working approach for your company, whether from home or office. Incorporate user-generated lists of skills and achievements with searchable fields such as teams, qualifications, and even personal interests. With rich user profiles, you can enable your users and their direct or indirect managers to easily update fields, minimizing back-end administration. All data is securely and privately stored in your organization's Google Workspace, providing peace of mind.

With Steegle.One Heroes, you can securely and centrally manage a workflow that recognizes and rewards colleagues for their actions, communication, and collaboration. Give shout-outs, thanks, kudos, and praise to your colleagues and employees who demonstrate excellent performance, go above and beyond the call of duty, or exhibit all-around awesomeness. Additionally, you can feature the Employee of the Month using the Spotlight feature of Heroes.