5 Reasons

Why People Use Google Sites for an Intranet

Google Sites lacks important features for an intranet. But, don't fret, Steegle can help you build a reliable and functional intranet!

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In the modern work environment, many companies have remote employees that need immediate access to company information and documents. If your organization is having issues such as internal communication, scheduling meetings, or sharing files, it’s time to invest in an intranet solution. 

When it comes to security and reliability, Google is one of the top choices. 

Building an intranet with Google Sites allows you to seamlessly integrate Google Workspace and share documents like Google Docs and Google Sheets with your employees. Most people are already familiar with Gmail and Google Workspace, so that’s a bonus!

A Google-based intranet looks like the perfect solution to your internal communication issues, right? However, Google Sites lacks special features that will enable you to create a functional intranet.  

Let’s look into 5 reasons why people hate Google Sites for an intranet and how Steegle can help you create a functional Google-based intranet!

Steegle Intranet Designs

Steegle develops tools to boost the functionality of your Google Sites intranet. 

5 Features that Google Sites Lack

The people directory is an important part of your intranet. It helps users to find colleagues that they need to collaborate with. We hate to break it to you, but Google Sites doesn’t have a tool that will help you build a people directory.

The Solution: Steegle People

Steegle People for Google Workspace is a tool that allows you to create a modern people directory for 50 up to 50,000 users. Employees can easily find, connect, and discover colleagues. It’s fully customizable and you can put personal information about each employee, from their qualifications to the fun stuff like their favorite football team.

2. News Tool : No centralised announcements 

Many companies shy away from using Google Sites because they don't offer a special news or announcement tool. Whist embedding Google Currents on Google Sites used to be an option for some but it is no longer an option

The Solution: Steegle News

Steegle News is a specialized tool developed by Steegle that enables users to display news headlines, snippets, and metadata linked to your news article and blog pages. The gadget also allows users to filter and scroll through the news display.

3. Lack of Page Level Permissions

Commentators also stated that there is no way to give access to content editors for specific pages. Unfortunately, Google Sites doesn’t have the ability to do this. You need to create another similar site that only includes the specific page and provide them the link so they can make edits. This can be challenging since you need to maintain any changes made across multiple sites.

The Solution: 

Steegle Tools can have their own editors - so a finance person say can make changes to Finance team page, the files they share, the news they give out and the people, without needing complex  access to the site.

4. File Sharing

Google Sites doesn’t have a file hosting service other than for images. You can only share a specific file and link or embed the file on the side. But, this won’t allow users to view, search, and sort files or folders.  

You can also share parts of Google Drive but the user experience is not seamless as it clumsily takes you away from this site. 

The Solution: Steegle Share

Steegle developed a tool that allows you to conveniently share Google Drive content on your intranet. With Steegle Share, you can display the entire Shared Drive or Google Drive folder anywhere. Users can navigate through the folders without opening a new browser tab. It also comes with advanced search capabilities to help users find files within seconds. 

Sharing Files in a Google using Steegle Share to search and view

5. Organizational Chart Tool

An organizational chart is another important feature of your intranet. It’s the visual representation of your company’s structure that helps employees be familiar with the company’s teams, departments, reporting structures, and projects. Unfortunately, Google Sites doesn’t have an org chart tool.

The Solution: Steegle Org Charts

If you want an org chart for your company intranet, we can help you. Steegle People for Google Workspace allows you to create automated and searchable org charts. Steegle People works by iterating your Google contacts into your employee experience platform. 

Looking for a customized intranet solution for your organization?

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