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8 Reasons Why
Intranet Projects Fail

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According to experts, almost 90% of intranet projects fail within three years. Most companies think that an intranet will make the lives of employees easier. However, as soon as an intranet is up and running, we cannot assume that it will be successful in the years to come. There are plenty of reasons why an intranet project fails and being able to spot them early on will help your company intranet be successful. 

Each intranet is unique and while the intranet industry has improved over the years, people still experience the same challenges. To help you plan things accordingly, here are the 8 reasons why an intranet project fails:

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8 Reasons Why Your Intranet Project Fails

For an intranet to be successful, company culture should be considered. Companies that put importance on company culture make their employees feel more supported, valued, and comfortable. 

2. The Job Was Never Done 

Many companies think that once an intranet has been launched, the job is already done. However, launching an intranet is just the beginning of the project. This is often overlooked, but having an intranet requires a lot of work. An intranet should be continuously updated and improved. Target groups or employees should be revisited to see their progress and adaptation. 

3. Poor Internal Communication

Communicating with employees is important whether your launching a new intranet or not. Not being able to explain the changes happening will lead to intranet failure and poor employee adoption. Employees should be well-oriented about the new intranet and how it can help them achieve their goals. Proper communication within the company improves employee adaption and increases the change of having a successful intranet. 

4. No Support from the Executives

When launching an intranet, executives and decision-makers should be involved in planning an intranet solution. Getting the support of senior management will increase the chances of having a successful intranet.

5. No Clear Objectives and Goals

What is the purpose of your company's intranet? What are your company goals? Even today, there are still some companies that do not focus on their objectives and goals. Before launching your new intranet, it is important to clearly define your objectives to help your employees understand how it will be beneficial to your organization or company.

6. Poor User Experience

Another reason that’s often overlooked is the ease of intranet navigation. It should require little effort or work on the part of your employees to make it a smooth experience. Intranets that have complicated navigation often have low adoption rates, making the intranet a failure. Your employees already have a lot of work to do and learning complicated navigation should not be one of them.

With a Google-based intranet like Steegle, most employees are already familiar with some of the Google apps such as Gmail, Docs, and Sheets. Therefore, navigation will not be an issue.

7. Outdated Content

Your intranet is a source of information for your employees, having outdated content will lead to intranet failure. Even if documents, media files, or any other data are easily accessible, outdated content will do you no good. Ensure that the information on your intranet is relevant and timely to the needs of your employees. 

8. Intranet is Constantly Down

When your company's intranet is always down, your employees can’t update projects, access important documents, or communicate with colleagues. In short, there will be no progress made and this will delay the company’s projects. Many people experience constant intranet downtime and solving this issue should be a priority.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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Sales Hotlines

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