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Learn with a Digital Environment

Community District School Website designed with new Google Sites

Technology has changed and challenged the education industry. Today, recent technologies made it possible to break down the physical barriers in your classroom. Teachers can now engage and exchange information and knowledge with their students across the globe. 

Invest in an intranet platform by Steegle to give your organization what it needs to thrive in the future of education.

Steegle has helped a number of schools, colleges, and universities in the US, Canada, the UK, and around the globe to design and develop innovative websites, virtual learning environments, and intranets using Google Sites.

With a Google Sites based intranet, you'll get the reliability that your organization needs

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's reliability (99.9% Uptime available), no hosting fees, and single-sign-on with your free Google Apps for Education accounts.

Building an Intranet Made Easy with Steegle

Easy Set Up

Steegle will help you design and launch your intranet in weeks. We typically kick-off projects one week from the start of the contract. Our experienced design team will build you a skeleton alpha site within 5 days. 

Our team will make sure to design an intranet that fits your needs, culture, and brand.

Independent & Easy to Use

Steegle intranets are independent. You do not need to rely on us once they are installed you are fully in charge and will always have access to your data.

Google Workspace-based intranets are user-friendly and easy to use. Unlike other platforms, your employees won't need additional training as employees are familiar with Google and its products.

No Hidden Fees

The best part? You won't be surprised with additional coaching and setup fees. Steegle plans include a dedicated support team to help you manage, launch, and hit your goals.

Support All The Way

You won't experience any downtime with a Google Workspace-based intranet. Maintenance and upgrades will not interrupt your service. Rest assured, a dedicated Steegle team will take care of your platform.

Global Support

Don't speak English fluently? No worries, at Steegle, we have an international team that can assist you in your local language.


Client Testimony 

Student portal, education intranet built on Steegle Springboard Intranet Solution for Google Workspace


The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) is an established and respected leader in customized, online learning. Based in New Hampshire, USA, their customized approach to teaching and learning helps elementary, middle, high school, and adult learners earn their diploma and learn new skills.

Staff: 330 Students : 10,000+


I am very impressed with the knowledge…

I am very impressed with the knowledge and skills that the Steegle staff is able to apply to Google-related projects. They helped us create two Google intranet sites on time and on budget. Thank you!

by Steve KossakoskiCEO

How Steegle Can Help You Succeed

Discover Your People

Steegle doesn't just supply a directory but a warm and friendly environment for your team to share their professional and personal profile.

Building virtual teams has never been easier when you can find people by their work skills but build camaraderie by seeing all the fans on a page of their football team!

Fast and Easy Set Up

Steegle Team will help you design and launch your intranet in as little as 2 weeks. We typically kick off projects one week from contract start and our experienced design team will build you a skeleton site within 10 days. Our team will make sure to design an intranet that fits your needs, culture, and brand.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Steegle uses Google Sites combined with Steegle Tools to make a functional and reliable intranet. Using Google architecture it is always secure.

Google Sites enables you to easily access your intranet using devices like mobile phones, PCs, and tablets.

Creating a Place for Culture

Steegle helps promote inclusion and diversity through Steegle.One Affinity Groups or Employee Resource Groups.

Users can create multiple groups or teams of people with similar interests, hobbies, goals, and backgrounds. 

Secure: IT Department Friendly

Steegle solutions keeps security paramount.

All data remains on your own Google Workspace tenant and Steegle does not have access to any confidential business data.

Steegle.One intranet or employee experience platform (EXP) is the engine of your business. For years, we have been helping clients build a successful intranet where users can communicate and connect anywhere and anytime. We've helped every organization of shape and size from 10 to 10,000 users.