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Can a Google Sites Intranet Support Hybrid Working?

Have a hybrid working set-up at your workplace? Check out if Google Sites can support hybrid working!

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Hybrid Working and Google Sites Intranet

Hybrid work means that the organization has a flexible policy wherein employees are allowed to work anywhere and anytime they want. In short, it is the total opposite of the traditional work model. Companies allow some of their employees to work remotely.

When employees work remotely, it is crucial for them to gain access to the company’s announcements, news, and other important information. 

In case you’re wondering, a Google Site intranet supports hybrid working or remote work setups. In fact, Google Sites is extremely helpful in sharing and centralizing important information to employees. 

Additionally, a Google Site intranet can be set up within minutes without requiring programming or design skills.

To enhance buy-in to your Google Site Intranet choose Steegle.One which brings powerful features to Google sites like an automatic staff directory, organisational charts, employee recognition, affinity groups, news and announcements.

How a Google Sites Intranet Support Hybrid Working

When your organization is dealing with distributed employees, accurate information should always be up-to-date. Whether it’s your company policies, guidelines, or HR resources—everything should be updated.

You can also make use of the announcement banner feature to draw your employees’ attention to important resources, announcements, or action items.

2. Centralized Resources

Remote employees need immediate access to important files and documents. With a Google-based intranet like Steegle.One, there is a designated area where you can store and organize your important documents.

3. Virtual Meetings

A Google-based intranet seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace apps such as Google Meet and Google Chat. 

4. Collaboration

Whether it’s editing Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings, or Presentations, your employees can work simultaneously. The owner of the document also has the option to restrict access to certain people or groups. 

5. Connect with People from the Organization

Remote employees need to know who their colleagues, leaders, and managers. With Google Sites, you can put your company’s organizational chart so that employees can look up names, departments, and job titles. You can check out this feature on Steegle.One.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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Sales Hotlines

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UK ✆  +44 (207) 871 5021

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