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Can an Intranet Replace Your HRIS System?

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An HRIS or human resources information system is a software solution that manages, processes, and maintains employee information and HR-related procedures, policies, and information. This has been used and relied on by many organisations for so long.

Since the increase of flexible and remote working setups, maintaining excellent employee engagement has become a challenge.

The question remains—can a modern intranet solution completely replace your HRIS system and will it be more effective and efficient?

Here’s the thing, an HRIS system is only used for HR-related needs and nothing else. Because of this, most employees end up using multiple platforms or software just to complete different tasks. The solution? You can use an intranet to give your employees a centralised location to access all company-related information and resources.

Let’s get into the most common myths about intranets.

Myths About Intranets

  1. It’s an internal communication tool

Modern intranets allow users to integrate or use other programs such as Google Workspace apps, Office 395, or Expensify. While an HR system is a standalone product and is specifically designed to keep HR-related information. Integrating your HRIS system creates a simplified and efficient digital workplace. Employee experience and satisfaction increase

2. Employee productivity decreases because of technology

We live in the digital age and more employees are relying on technology, especially during the global pandemic and lockdowns where businesses experience a drop in productivity. Thousands of employees ventured remote working or worked from home setup and technology played a big role in the sudden shift. Not to mention, the company intranets have been used to keep employees updated on recent company news and information.

An HR page on your intranet with FAQs helps decrease paperwork, calls, and emails. HR employees will be able to focus on more important tasks—increasing productivity.

3. Using technology for onboarding is not effective

For many years, companies relied on face-to-face onboarding and believed it was the most effective method. The global pandemic forced most offices to virtually onboard new employees. New employees will have to rely on technology for effective onboarding. This is where your company intranet becomes helpful because new hires will not have a hard time finding documents and information. An intranet allows them to feel the company’s culture. In Steegle Springboard, new hires can easily search and access training resources.

4. On-premise software is more secure than a cloud-based intranet

Most often, it feels like an on-premise solution or software is the safest option to keep your data secure. An on-premise solution is held by you and if something goes wrong, you can fix it yourself. While this may sound a great idea, the truth is that a cloud-based solution is the safest option. Since your data is on the cloud, it will be harder for third parties to access it. In other words, there’s an extra layer of protection in case an employee wants to sabotage your data. Additionally, a cloud-based solution constantly updates to have the highest level of security.

The Verdict

A modern intranet cannot replace an HRIS system. Rather, it enhances it by simplifying access to work-related tools, including HR tools. Modern intranets such as Steegle Springboard include intuitive tools like employee recognition, organisational charts, and people directories. An intranet increases productivity and gives an overall positive experience to employees.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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