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Comparing Google Workspace Editions

Check out the different Google Workspace editions.

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Google Workspace Editions

Google Workspace gives options to businesses according to their needs. Each plan includes the basic Google apps such as Drive, Gmail, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Sites, Forms, and many more. The plans they offer are the following:

  • Business Family - perfect for small to medium- sized businesses with not more than 300 employees.

  • Enterprise Family - designed for larger organisations and comes with additional productivity features, advanced security, enterprise-grade administrative controls, and compliance capabilities.

Comparing the Business Editions

Business Starter

Additional Features:

  • Google Meet - video meetings with up to 100 participants with background blur, live captions, whiteboarding, and meet rooms functions

  • Collaborative Tools - comes with Google apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, etc.

Business Standard

The Business Standard is designed for medium to large organisations that are in need of more storage and advanced video meeting capabilities.

Additional Features:

  • Google Meet - video meetings with up to 150 participants

  • Enhanced Google Chat - allows users to chat within or outside your organisation. Ability to turn chat history on or off and auto-accept chat invitations.

  • Intelligent Google Cloud Search - search for documents inside the cloud storage easier and faster

  • Advanced Document Management - allows users to send documents using Google Drive

Business Plus

Business Plus comes with almost the same benefits as the Business Standard. Additionally, it comes with enterprise-grade meetings and more storage.

Additional Features:

  • Google Vault - this allows users to search, export, and retain your organization’s data from Google apps

  • Enterprise-grade Meetings - video meetings with up to 250 participants. Ability to record your meetings and live stream with up to 10,000 participants

Comparing the Enterprise Editions

Enterprise Essentials

Enterprise Essentials is an integrated workspace for teams or organisations that already have an email and calendar solution. It provides modern collaboration, secure video conferencing, enterprise management, and security. It seamlessly integrates with tools that you’re already using and can be set up in a few minutes.

Additional Features:

  • Collaboration - shared team drive

Enterprise Standard

Enterprise Standard is a collaboration and productivity platform that includes unlimited storage, Google Vault, data loss protection, advanced enterprise security, cloud identity premium, customization, and enhanced support.

Additional Features:

  • Security - advanced data loss protection, Google Vault, Cloud Identity Premium

  • Management - customization and advanced enterprise control

Enterprise Plus

The Enterprise Plus is considered the most powerful plan of Google Workspace. This is designed for larger companies and those who are looking for the most advanced compliance controls and security.

Additional Features:

  • Advanced Collaboration - includes AppSheet Pro and the ability to integrate with third-party archiving tools

  • Google Meet - ability to live stream with up to 100,000 participants

  • Work Insights - helps businesses to measure the impact of digital transformation in their organisation

  • Full-stack Security - security centre, compliance certifications, S/MME Encryption

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Article by Maria Gabrielle

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Sales Hotlines

US ✆ +1 (302) 672 3007
UK ✆ +44 (207) 871 5021

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