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Creative Ways to Launch Your Intranet

Running out of ideas on how to launch your intranet? Check out our tips!

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Before the Launch

Involve Your Employees

It’s best to involve your employees when you’re creating or revamping your new intranet. Your employees will use your intranet every day, it’s important that discuss with them how an intranet can help them with their daily tasks. Their feedback, insights, and participation will help you in designing a useful and collaborative intranet. 

Let Users Create Example Profiles

Have several engaged users for your intranet and let them create their own profiles. This allows users to see how your company intranet works. It will also help promote your intranet within the organization.

Set Up Group Pages and Locations

Big companies consist of different departments and company locations. Setting up pages for each department and location will ensure that the people directory shows accurate connections and data, reduce the effort needed for employee’s to fill up their profiles, and enable news delivery based on specific group members.

Create a Contributor Community

Get your news authors, content contributors, and community managers involved ahead of time. This community must be committed to making your intranet successful by properly managing intranet content on a daily basis. If you want to read more about managing your intranet, read our Top Tips for Managing Your Intranet Content article.

Distribute Intranet Welcome Packages 

Almost everything is digital nowadays, but distributing intranet welcome packages that include hard copies of the agenda for the intranet launch day and an introductory booklet is also a good idea to keep employees informed. 

Send Postcard Teasers

Some companies use postcards and distribute them to each employee before the launch. Intranet postcard teasers usually include the following:

Personalize Home Banner

The first thing you’ll notice on any website is the banner. The same goes for an intranet that’s why it should be welcoming and reflects your company brand and culture. With a Google-based intranet like Steegle, it will be easy for you to have several themes on your site. 

Countdown to Launch Date

Having a countdown clock will let your employees look forward to the nearing launch of your new intranet. This will also help employees prepare for any changes.

Get Pre-Launch Testimonials

Most likely, your employees will test out your new intranet once they see positive testimonials from other users. Before the launch date, it’s best to have a team of passionate and familiar employees test out the intranet and write testimonials. 

During the Launch

Make a Launch Video

During your intranet launch, you can present a creative and entertaining intranet launch video that shows how to use your intranet, its features, and how to navigate it. It’s also a good idea to get your leadership involved in the video. Showing that your leadership supports the new intranet helps achieve adoption and success.

Use Video Conference to Connect with Your Remote Employees

If you have virtual employees or dispersed offices, an intranet launch is an opportunity to bring your employees together—even if it means virtually. The best way to have remote employees participate in your launch day is by hosting a video conference.

Display Your New Intranet on Big Screens

The best way to promote your new intranet is to display it on big screens in your office or even on small screens in your elevator. That way, your employees know what changes to expect and help promote your new intranet.

No Meeting Day

To help your employees get used to the new intranet, your launch day should be a “no-meeting day”. That way, your employees will be able to explore the intranet.

After the Launch

Make Intranet Accessible

A successful intranet can be accessed anywhere using any device. An intranet that is accessible shows an increase in traffic and productivity compared to intranets that can only be accessed on your company’s premises.

Encourage Employees to Upload Profile Pictures

Your intranet should allow your employees to change their own profile pictures, this way they will feel more comfortable and invested in the intranet. Additionally, you will get to know their personalities too!

Publish Up-to-date and Employee-Centered News

Once your intranet is up and running, ensure that it contains fresh content for your employees. This makes them feel a sense of belonging. Additionally, it increases employee intranet adoption.

Launch Surveys or Polls

Get honest feedback from your employees by launching surveys or polls. This is also an opportunity to improve your intranet in case your employees notice a few misses.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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Google Cloud Partner
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