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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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When an employer puts importance on diversity and inclusion, employees develop deeper trust and connection. Moreover, it keeps them motivated and committed. Respecting the perspective and unique needs of your employees makes you better than your competitors and helps bring out the potential of your employees.

Studies have shown that having diversity and inclusion in the workplace boosts business performance and results in to increase in revenue. Additionally, it improves employee engagement and reduces turnover.

When employees feel that their presence, contributions, and ideas are not considered by their organization, they will eventually leave. That’s why inclusion plays an important role in employee retention.

A good way to show diversity and inclusion in your organization is by using your intranet. An intranet like Steegle.One supports diversity and inclusion by building affinity groups, creating surveys, and many more.

Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are often used together because they are interconnected. However, the two are not interchangeable. Diversity is about the make-up of an entity

On the other hand, inclusion is about how well the presence, perspectives, and contributions of different groups are integrated and valued.

For instance, if there are different races, nationalities, genders, and sexual orientations in one organization but only their perspectives are considered and valued, it is diverse but not inclusive.

Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important in the workplace because of the following benefits:

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Employees are more likely to engage if they feel that their workplace has an inclusive environment and culture. A company that listens to its employees shows diversity and inclusion. Using your intranet is a good way to show this. 

With Steegle.One, you can create surveys to hear your employees’ voices and suggestions. You can also use your intranet to help them share their stories and insights on diversity and inclusion.

2. Provide Support to Employees

When sharing announcements on your intranet, ensure that you’re accessible or easy to reach out to. For instance, if you have employees with hearing difficulties or are digitally challenged, then a videoconference would not be a good idea. It’s a good practice to know your internal audience and their needs.

Employees can also use your intranet to share their insights and training on certain topics. You can also highlight new policies or frameworks on the news page of your intranet.

3. Celebrate Diversity in Your Company

Highlight your company’s diversity through your intranet. Make sure to integrate diversity and inclusion on a daily basis. For instance, if you have a certain group that celebrates a special event, you can educate your other employees about the importance of these events. You can also invite your diverse employees to join if they wish.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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Sales Hotlines

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