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Steegle Google Sites Intranet is Better Than Jostle 

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Steegle.One Google Workspace Intranet vs Jostle

Bespoke Design

If you decide to invest in an intranet, wouldn’t it be best to customize it according to your brand? Intranet personalization is often overlooked, but it helps improve company culture, employee engagement, and productivity. 

Steegle.One allows full customization on Google Workspace GWS. Our team will help you create a design tailored to your needs. Whilst with Jostle, you need to stick to a standard template—making less room for customization. A template-based intranet makes it impossible to inject brand identity to the full extent.


With Steegle.One, your data will remain on your Google domain. If your Organisation has already gone through the Google data compliance checks there will be no change using Steegle.One. 

On the other hand, with Jostle your data will migrate to Jostle servers. Whist Jostle indicated it will be strictly controlled by Jostle and is limited to authorized personnel for the purpose of delivering and supporting Jostle’s services, your organization will need to satisfy its standards are comprehensive as Google’s. 

Data security protection concept


When using jostle your data will be replicated from Google to Jostle servers. Real-world users say this replication is not robust. Replication can generate errors and data is not always synced or available e.g. employee data is not up-to-date or not present at all.  

With Steegle.One, there would be replication errors since Steegle.One is essentially a live view of Google Workspace data. For instance, if you’re looking at organization charts or searching for employees, you will be using up-to-date live data from the Google directory. 

Turnkey Solution

When you buy a Steegle solution you are going to get a ready-made turnkey solution,  which even a novice site editor can then expand upon by using the built-in themes and provided template pages.

The Steegle team will provide you with a functioning intranet design in as little as one week. Once the content is provided, your fully safe and authenticated intranet can run in just a couple of weeks.


Steegle.One uses Google Sites to create powerful intranets. Google Sites is easy to edit and has a drag-and-drop function.  It is mobile responsive and attractive.

On the other hand, editing an intranet with Jostle can be more unwieldy and complex. Making it look good requires a complex setup. 

Springboard Intranet for Google Workspace designed for an interconnected group of brands, teams, and partners, that work toward a common purpose in the animal kingdom.

Learn How Beyond Meet moved from Jostle to Steegle.One

Beyond Meet Intranet Template for Case Study
Beyond Meet Intranet Human Resource Page


Beyond Meat, Inc. is a US and international producer of plant-based meat substitutes. With its emphasis on research and development it has developed premium products and supplied  leading corporations like McDonald's with  plant-based meat substitutes. Beyond Meat has about 1200 Users across the globe.


...Today our new intranet is successfully developed with Steegle Tools in place and is available to all our staff around the globe. The feedback has been excellent. We found working with Steegle very easy, as they always listen to our needs, gave us friendly training and have remained responsive when we need help! I'm delighted to recommend them! Five Stars!

Adam Lee HRIP
Director, People Operations at Beyond Meat

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Beyond Meet Company MIssion

Looking for a customized intranet solution for your organization?

Since 2008, we here at Steegle.com  have been delivering intranet development solutions and ongoing support and maintenance for organizations including hospitals and medical institutions. As a certified Google Cloud Partner, we specialize in Google Workspace based solutions.  Give us a call at US ✆  +1 (302) 672 3007  UK ✆  +44 (207) 871 502 or contact us today to view a demo of our intranet solutions, and see how it can help increase employee productivity and save time and money.  Click below to learn more about the Steegle.One Intranet solution.

Sales Hotlines

US ✆  +1 (302) 672 3007
UK ✆  +44 (207) 871 5021

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Article by Maria Gabrielle