Generating Useful Content on Your Intranet

Discover how you can efficiently generate useful and relevant intranet content for your employees.

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Employees use your intranet to read company updates, get HR information, or access company resources. To put it simply, your employees use the intranet to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Creating relevant and useful content helps save time because employees will get access to what they need and carry out their tasks more efficiently.

What does useful content look like?

  • Clear and simple. It doesn’t need to include unnecessary information and material. It should also be presented in simple language to make a clear and straightforward point.

  • Focused on specific tasks. The content should address the specific needs of different groups of employees or target audience.

Creating useful content for your intranet requires focus, knowledge of basic company practices, and a lot of time.

Why You Need Useful Intranet Content

Intranets have grown organically over time to tens of thousands of pages of content. Therefore, it is important that the information within your intranet is easy to find and accurate. A well-organized content saves a lot of company time and money. Make sure that your intranet content is easy to find, relevant, and up-to-date.

Here are practical tips to create relevant content:

  • Avoid jargons

  • Use short paragraphs

  • Use bullet points to emphasize key points

  • Use images, infographics, and videos

  • Use a catchy title

  • Include useful links related to the content

When creating content, make sure that it is specifically written for your employees. Keep in mind that your employees are busy people. They don’t want to spend their time searching or reading content that is not relevant to their job.

Generating Intranet Content Faster

We all know that creating content for your intranet can be time-consuming. We are accustomed to searching queries online and being linked to relevant websites in response. But, what if our queries could get a detailed and automated response? Wouldn’t that save you more time?

In recent years, chatbots have become relevant in businesses to improve customer engagement and support. AI has been a game-changer for the tech industry and content creation, and it’s rapidly becoming popular among users.

Recently, people made a groundbreaking discovery about an artificial intelligence bot called ChatGPT that can converse in a human-like way each time you ask questions. Some businesses are now using ChatGPT to generate useful AI-assisted content.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was launched on November 30th by OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that answers questions input by users. Compared to Google, it has a more conversational approach and can respond based on previous details from the conversation. It uses GPT-3 technology and natural language processing to generate responses.

What makes it a valuable tool for businesses is its ability to handle a wide range of queries and provide real-time answers. It can be used to provide product information, ask questions, and even help users navigate a mobile app or website. It can also be used for information gatherings such as conducting surveys or feedback.

How ChatGPT Can Streamline the Intranet Content Creation Process

Research and Content Curation

ChatGPT helps you save time researching various sources. Thus, helping you create valuable and consistent intranet content in a matter of seconds.

To start, simply open ChatGPT and type a keyword, phrase, or question. For example, you can input “Why is Employee Engagement Important?”.

Then, ChatGPT will generate a list of keywords or phrases that you can use to help shape your ideas. Its response is based on real-world search data, making you confident that they are relevant to your target audience or employees.

💡 Since this is an AI tool, always double-check the accuracy of the information given to you. It is not recommended to publish 100% AI-generated content without editing and adding other relevant insights and information. Check for grammatical and spelling errors as well.

Here is the response we got:

Title Suggestions

Are you struggling to create a relevant and catchy title for your intranet content? You can also use ChatGPT to generate title suggestions.

To start, we tried to input:

Give me title ideas for "why is an employee recognition program important"?

ChatGPT produces ideas that will help save you brainstorming time.

What we got was amazing!

Content Editing

The best part is, once you already finished writing content, you can use ChatGPT for suggestions on how to improve it.

Although this won’t be as good as getting feedback from a human being who is an expert on the to said pic, this AI tool will still give you helpful suggestions on how to improve the structure of your content.

Here, I asked how I can improve one of our articles, and here is the response I got:

Article by Maria Gabrielle