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How can you share your Google Site Privately with users who don’t have a paid-for Google Workspace account?

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Many businesses find they have situations where they would like to share their Google Site (with say HR info) to workers or other third parties that don't have a Google Workspace account (which might be costly to offer to non-desk-based workers).

For example, in a catering business, a kitchen operative doesn't necessarily need email or the features are Google Workspace but might want occasional access to HR policy or company news on a Google Site Intranet.

Google, however, does offer a more practical solution. For paying Google Workspace customers, they offer a Google Cloud Identity account. 

A minimum of 50 accounts are offered free and larger businesses can request higher numbers of accounts. Using these accounts, workers can access Google Docs, Google Drive, and most importantly Google sites. 

In a business with many hundred field workers that don't require Gmail, the savings can be enormous but still allow the business to enjoy better communication. 

What is Google Cloud Identity?

Google Cloud Identity is an IAM/EMM platform where users have access to single sign-on apps, endpoint management, and multi-factor authentication that protects the company’s data.

A Cloud Identity account can be used as an extensive catalogue for external applications and other Google products. The account administrators use Cloud Identity to manage apps, users, and endpoints from the centralized admin console of Google.

Features of Google Cloud Identity

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Logging in to multiple websites for work every single day can be time-consuming and hassle. With Google Cloud Identity, users can log in once and be able to access multiple applications and websites without having to enter their passwords again.  

Additionally, admins enforce strong password management policies to prevent hackers from accessing your business’s network. Another benefit of SSO is it reduces the number of password-related help requests. 

Endpoint Management

With Cloud Identity, users can create a network diagram to monitor digital device endpoints. The endpoint management addresses the need for employees to use personal devices wherever they want and the security of your company’s data, network, and applications. 


Cloud Identity reports help protect your company’s data and network. There are three types of Cloud Identity reports including account activity, audit logs, and security. 

Reports can detect activities and users that pose security risks, view audit trails, and track app usage. Account admins have the option to set automatic alerts instead of running a report,

This feature can help prevent cyber attacks by endpoint detection and response.


For the premium Cloud Identity plan, you’ll get 24/7 one-on-one customer support. On the other hand, the free plan includes 24/7 customer support if you have a Google Workspace subscription or Cloud Platform support. 

Their customer service can be reached via email, chat, and phone. They also have resources including community forums, how-to guides, and a knowledge base. 

Multi-factor Authentication

While SSO is convenient, it isn’t as secure if someone has your login credentials. To increase security, Cloud Identity has multi-factor authentication. This includes sending out one-time-use links to your email address, answering security questions, or using biometric authentication such as a fingerprint.


Article by Maria Gabrielle

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