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How can an Intranet Help Your HR Department?

Did you know that your intranet supports your HR department? Let's get to know how!

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Most organizations believe that the IT department or internal communications should manage an intranet. 

But when it comes to the success of your organization’s intranet, we can’t deny that the HR department plays a big role in it. The HR department also benefits from the intranet more than the other departments.

An intranet is not just a platform to connect with other employees and share information, it also plays an important role in having an inclusive, engaged, and successful working environment. Moreover, it impacts employee productivity, retention, and satisfaction.

Now, let’s get to know the benefits of an intranet to your HR department.

The objective of most organizations is to reduce costs while maximazing returns. The digital tools on your intranet help save time and resources while keeping your employees productive. Self-serving processes such as payroll Q&As, business procedures, policies, and documentation allows the HR department to reduce time spent on doing administrative tasks which allows them to focus on other tasks to support your organization and employees. 

Traditionally, information can be dispersed across individual desktops, internal servers, or paper-based systems. Some organizations even have one person who answers all of the HR-related questions. Aside from being time-consuming, it’s a high-risk approach to sharing information because employees may access multiple or outdated versions of documents.

2. Builds Employer Brand

Steegle.One Help Builds Employer Brand

One of the priorities of the HR department is to promote a unified culture. A unified culture yields a positive employee experience. Moreover, the top consideration of Gen Z and Millenials when seeking job opportunities is employer branding. Promoting a unified culture is a challenge, especially if you have remote locations and employees. That being said, how do you expect your employees to engage and create a common culture?

Here’s where your intranet can be a valuable tool.

3. Centralized Digital Workplace

For your employees to perform efficiently and effectively, you need to provide them with the right tools and information. Powerful intranets claim to be the “jack of all trades”. Steegle.One provides user-centric tools and can serve as:

4. Monitor and Manage Employee Development

Employee development is a top priority for HR managers because it is the foundation of employee retention and talent management. 

An intranet can be used to track employees’ progress by using information such as KPIs, progression charts, feedback surveys, or performance forms. This simplifies and streamlines the admin side of managing the development of each employee. 

An intranet with a built-in reward or incentive system like Steegle Steegle.One can offer opportunities for continual recognition 

5. Onboarding and Training Employees

Studies show that the employee turnover rate is at its peak during the initial period of employment. 

About 16% of new hires leave their new job between the first week and third month of employment. That’s why it’s important for them to have a positive onboarding experience. 

To help new employees, your intranet should have tailored pages to help them access relevant information and tools when needed. People directory and organization chart can help them get to know their colleagues and their roles. 

Steegle.One Onboarding and Training Employees Screenshot

6. Support Remote Employees and Locations

Modern technology gives employees an opportunity to have flexible working hours regardless of their location. However, despite remote working, telecommuting, and globalization rising, HR representatives face challenges such as:

A cloud-hosted intranet like Steegle.One is able to integrate with your cloud storage to ensure that your employees will have access to all important documents, forms, and policies no matter what their locations are.

Steegle.One Support Remote Employees and Locations Screenshot

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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