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How Much Does an Intranet Cost?

Are you planning to get an intranet but don't know how much it costs? Find out here!

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Intranets are an important part of an organisation. Some benefits of an intranet include an increase in productivity, an easier way to communicate with people within the organisation, and improved collaboration. Most intranet solutions offer tons of features and capabilities. The total amount you will spend depends on the size of your organisation and the features you need.

Modern intranet solutions allow users to store and share documents for better collaboration. Some intranets are able to integrate with social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and others.

Whatever the capabilities and features of your internet, it’s a good investment that will benefit your company in the long run.

Estimate Cost Based on the Company Size

To give you an idea of how much intranet costs we will provide you with an estimate that depends on the number of employees you have. Although the prices you will encounter are far from a more comprehensive pricing matrix, the different pricing levels will help you choose the most cost-effective intranet provider.

Micro to Small

The micro to small organisations usually has less than one hundred employees. The micro to small organisations should have an intranet budget of about $9,000 to $20,000 per annum fee for a professional system.

Small to Medium

The small to medium organisation includes one hundred to one thousand employees. Intranet budget should range between $15,000 to $50,000 per annum.

Medium to Enterprise

A medium to enterprise organisation includes one thousand to five thousand employees. Intranet costs about $50,000 to $250,000 per annum. The licensing fee is the primary component of the pricing structure. Many intranet vendors offer a “per seat” licensing model.

For example, if you have four thousand employees and the intranet licensing fee is $8 per user per month, then the licensing fee will be 4,000 x $8 x 12 = $384,000 per annum.


If you have more than five thousand employees, most intranet vendors require scoping and investigation which often result in custom pricing proposals. The main reason is the transferring of data, content, and security. Enterprise-level organizations require more planning and implementation that can last for years

Factors that Affect the Cost of Intranet


  • Another key factor that affects the cost of an intranet is branding or customization. You won't have any additional cost if you want to do everything out of the box and go with a straightforward solution without any adjustments.

  • However, this may not be appropriate for every organization, and you may need to modify your intranet to match your individual or company requirements.

  • The degree to which you design your intranet will have a substantial impact on the initial cost and ongoing upkeep.

Cloud-based or On-Premise Solution

  • Other costs will be determined whether you choose a cloud-based intranet or an on-premises solution.

  • Cloud systems are hosted and do not necessitate the purchase of infrastructure, which might be costly.

  • To keep the intranet functioning, on-premises systems require servers, support, space, and a variety of additional expenses.

Licensing Fees

An annual price for intranet services is included in the continuing licensing cost. If third-party apps are being used, licensing and interaction with the intranet should be taken into consideration.


  • Just like what we said, the cost of your intranet will depend on the size of your organization and how many end-users will require support in using the new intranet.

  • Most intranet vendors will offer a baseline support arrangement which means if something goes wrong, they will resolve the issue as fast as possible.

  • Usually, the cheaper the support fee, the greater support you’ll get from the vendor in responding to your requests. Take note that the larger the organization, the more important the support is.

Can You Get a Intranet for "Free"?

Free Options: Google sites and Microsoft SharePoint

You can create an intranet site in Google Sites or Microsoft SharePoint which is free! Many organisations do this when beginning their journey for an Intranet Platform. However it should be noted that to get maximum benefit from an intranet you need to have good design, good ease of use, planning and managment.

At Steegle we see many "homebrew" intranets - although more often they are amateur efforts which are not attractive to end-users, sometimes they are good. The great downside though is that without automated tools that users want for example finding colleagues and organisation charts, having a news tool or a tool to find files and folders; the free systems become very difficult to navigate, highly manual and ardous for someone to keep up-to-date. They can also get problematic because of the number of authors required to manage the system creating an overarchingly "messy" and intuitive platform.

Springboard Intranet Pricing

  • At Steegle we sell our Springboard Intranet for Google Sites solution

  • Because we leverage the power of Google Sites technology licenses are cost-effective for most organisations.

  • Licenses range between

    • $6 and $2 user per month

    • $0.6/user/month for frontline workers (people who don't use their desk most of the time like kitchen employees, manufacturing coworkers et cetera.)

  • Ask our team for a demo today.

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How Create an Intranet Strategy

To get the most out of your company intranet, you need to have a strategy from planning to implementation. Having a concrete plan will help you stick to your budget and increase your return on investment.

Here are some of the things to consider when launching an intranet:

  • Objectives - before looking for an intranet vendor, you should define your objectives. What do you want to achieve with your intranet? What problems or issues will it solve? Where will your intranet be used?

  • Roles and responsibilities - your intranet needs constant updates. Do you have enough internal resources or will you need new hires?

  • Structure - how will the information be accessed and arranged?

  • Branding - are you considering an out of the box solution? How will it be customised?

  • Employee engagement - how will your employees use and interact with the new intranet?

  • Installation and execution - will you integrate it with other software?

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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