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Importance of Google Workspace Training

As the new way of working becomes more prevalent, it is essential for businesses to provide their employees with training on how to effectively use Google Workspace.

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Google Workspace is a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools that enables organizations to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere. 

The platform includes popular applications such as Gmail, Drive, and Calendar, which are designed to help employees stay organized and streamline their workflows. 

As the new way of working becomes more prevalent, it is essential for businesses to provide their employees with training on how to effectively use these tools.

In the current dynamic work environment, it is crucial for organizations to ensure their employees are able to collaborate efficiently and take full advantage of all the smart features that Google Workspace has to offer. 

Steegle offers Google Workspace training for end-users and advanced for admins. 

Why is it important?

With the fast rollout of remote and hybrid working, there is an immediate learning curve for employees who are new to these productivity applications, making Google Workspace training an essential component of any deployment or implementation. This will help employees to become more productive and efficient in their work, allowing organizations to thrive in challenging times.

Training is also important for organizations that are migrating from another platform like Office 365 to Google Workspace. Although we can argue that most concepts are similar, there are still major differences when it comes to collaboration, interface, and sharing.

By giving the end-users the opportunity of attending a Google Workspace training, they will have an in-depth understanding of the common operations, saving your organization a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Benefits of Google Workspace Training with Steegle


Google Workspace training goes beyond the basics of sending emails and saving drafts. It helps employees to effectively use the various features and capabilities of the platform to improve their productivity and collaboration in the workplace.


When deploying Google Workspace, one of the key areas to focus on is aligning the platform with the specific needs and processes of the organization. Our trainers have a deep understanding of Google Workspace, which allows them to anticipate and address the challenges that end-users may encounter during the transition.. 


Effective training is essential for organizations looking to maximize the potential of their Google Workspace deployment. With the right training, employees can quickly adapt to the new platform and return to their normal levels of productivity, often resulting in increased output and efficiency. At 

Article by Maria Gabrielle