Change Management Communication with an Intranet

Promoting effective internal communication across the organization is essential. Otherwise, a lack of internal communication may hinder some areas of your business.

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What is Change Management?

Change management communication is how your employees and other stakeholders are informed about changes in the business and why they are occurring. 

Whether there is a change in the process or technology upgrades, it often comes with some concerns. If your organization doesn’t have consistent, well-established internal communication, employees may feel resistant or disengaged. 

Why is change management communication important?

It seems like human mates and nature that since time immemorial The majority of people have always been reluctant to deal with change. 

So when change often occurs in your organization, some of your employees may feel exhausted and stressed. Some may also have decreased commitment to the organization.

According to Gartner, those who are suffering from stress caused by changes perform 5% worse than employees who don't have to deal with this burden. 

For large companies, this can amount to millions and in smaller organizations where everybody is important even a slightly disinfected employee can drag the organization's effectiveness down 

Using Your Intranet for Change Management Communication

One solution to help with change management is to make sure people are aware of upcoming changes and to disseminate the information as clearly and concisely as possible. A modern business needs modern solutions. Therefore a company's internet can be a brilliant way to help you manage change and make a positive impact on your employees to achieve your business objectives and goals. 

It is crucial that employees need to understand and be well-informed about the changes they are planning to make. Keeping your employees on the same page is critical. Informed and engaged employees will help them adapt to the changes faster and better. 

Your intranet can also be used to creatively promote changes to keep employees excited about it. 

Steegle recommends using video and graphically new stories to keep people informed, especially in hybrid environments. You can show videos about a new tool or the latest CEO video to keep your employees engaged and informed about company news and projects.

2. Involving Employees

Involving employees in the decision-making process is a way to foster collaboration and improve employee engagement. This is also a reflection of your organization’s success. 

Companies implement changes to achieve goals that benefit the whole organization. You can use your intranet to create online surveys and discussion forums. This is a great way for employees to voice out their opinions and embrace change instead of forcing compliance. 

If your company makes a change committee involving people from different parts of the business you can publish a page with all the members of the committee on your internet and you might even want to publish minutes so that there is transparency in the organization about any major change blooming. 

In Steegle.One, we have a committee composed of different people in the organization to deal with connected cultures that helps people get along with the diverse employee base. 

3. Tracking and Evaluation

You can also use your intranet to evaluate the progress of your change management. 

The easiest way to track or evaluate this is by having a dedicated online survey or online feedback form that collates data in the change process and gets your employee’s opinions regarding the implemented changes.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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