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Intranet Surveys: Getting Feedback from Your Employees

Do you want to know if your company intranet is effective and relevant? 

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Introduction - why bother with surveys?

An intranet survey helps an organization get valuable feedback or opinions from their employees about the strengths and weaknesses of their intranet, projects, and other relevant issues within the organization.  

Modern intranet solutions have the ability to create surveys that can be displayed on any page of your intranet. Intranet surveys can be true or false, open-ended questions, or multiple-choice questions.

How Do Intranet Surveys Help Your Organization?

Employees Get Involved in Key Decisions

If you are planning a project or considering changes to the business, it’s important to involve employees in the decision-making process. For example, if you’re considering changing your organization's tagline or logo, you can send out surveys to know what your employees think. Who knows, maybe you’ll get brilliant ideas too! 

Keeps Remote Employees Engaged

Most often, remote employees find it difficult to voice their opinions or needs. An intranet survey helps organizations to encourage and boost the productivity of remote employees.

If you’re wondering how a survey can help your remote employees, here are some questions you can ask on the survey:

Feedback About Your Company Intranet

Conducting a survey about your company intranet helps you understand what your employees find most useful, what makes them frustrated, or why they use it or not. Hearing the opinions of the people who directly use the intranet is the best way to evaluate which areas need improvement. It also helps you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your intranet. 

You don’t need to get feedback on every feature and tools on your intranet, rather focus on the employee experience and how it impacts their work. 

Here are the main factors that you should focus on:

How Does Intranet Surveys Help Your Organization?

Keep It Short

Your employees have something else to do and they shouldn’t spend too much time answering surveys. A productive survey may include 10 questions or less. It’s also a good idea to add open-ended questions to know the thoughts of your employees. 

Inform Employees

Surprising employees with surveys is never a good idea. It’s better to inform employees beforehand about your plans on conducting surveys and for what purpose. Then, let them know when the survey is going live, how long it will be on your intranet, and when you will announce the results. 

Use Consistent Rating Scale for Main Questions

For core questions, you should only use a consistent rating scale. You can either use a four or five-point scale. Your survey format can also offer options for: strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree.

Why is Employee Feedback Important?

Listening to your employees’ opinions and feedback makes them feel more empowered to do their best at work. Moreover, employee feedback contributes to positive engagement and boosts employee performance. 

An Intranet survey can be  a useful tool in collecting feedback about employee satisfaction, company culture, engagement levels, and working environment. 

Example of an Intranet Survey

 Get your free set of questions to inspire employee platform  survey for your own company

Example Questions for your Intranet Usage Survey

Example Questions for your Intranet Usage Survey as a Google Form

Please rate the following statements.

Please select one answer. 

Please Rate Each Department Page 

More example questions for your intranet survey

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