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Intranet Welcome Messages to Make Your Site Stand Out

Examples and thoughts of messages when  onboarding new employees. How to user a warm welcome will  reflect and ehance your company culture.

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A warm and sincere welcome message on your intranet will leave a long-lasting good impression on new employees. This aspect is often neglected by most companies, but new employees often rely on it to learn about the company culture and dynamics. If you have the right tools and creativity, you can easily create an engaging welcome message on your intranet to help improve the employee onboarding experience.

But, how do you write an engaging welcome message? Where do you start?

First of all, you need to sound genuine to get your message across. Your employees are a crucial part of your organisation, making them feel unwelcome might demotivate them. You need a message that will let them know that their contributions are as important as their opinions. There are several ways how you can write a good welcome message. 

Let’s get to know some examples!

A powerful welcome message from the company’s CEO shows that they are invested in the growth and success of their employees. This will also make new hires feel comfortable and valued in a new environment. The welcome message can be a video message, email, or displayed on the intranet home page. 

Welcome messages from CEOs usually consist of exciting projects, benefits of working in the company, a brief overview of the company, and some learnings from industry experts or colleagues. It can also include important information about company perks such as health insurance, discounts, or memberships.

2. Video Introduction

A video welcome message is engaging and easily gets the attention of new employees. While this type of welcome message takes time to create, we can’t deny the positive impact it creates once new hires watch it. You can have a long or short video message.

A short video may include important information about the company such as its values, goals, culture, and vision. Longer videos tend to contain more information such as explaining how to effectively use the company intranet. 

Some companies include company tours, testimonials from employees, and achievements of the company. It really depends on what you want to say about your organisation.

A good example is a video that Google created for their new interns. Google wanted to show their interns that they have a fun working environment and give them endless opportunities to grow as an individual. You can watch the video here:

3. Staff Handbook

Welcoming employees with your staff handbook is a direct way to let them explore and get to know your company dynamics on their own. Your staff handbook includes all the information that they need. 

You can start by saying something like this:

“Hi, welcome to our company!

We are pleased to have you as part of our team. We can’t wait to do exciting things with you! Here is a copy of our staff handbook. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the HR department.”

This method of welcoming new employees is used by Tesla. Their staff handbook is called “The Anti-Handbook Handbook”. From the title itself, new employees will easily know what to expect.

4. Welcome Message from the HR Team

In any organisation, the HR department plays an important role in the recruiting and onboarding process. As the first people to talk with new employees, a warm welcome message from the HR department is crucial. 

Usually, messages from HR include company history, performance management, company benefits, culture, and organisational structure. Aside from delivering this message across your intranet, it can be delivered by slide presentations or email. This will make the whole onboarding process smoother for new employees. 

You don’t want to bombard new employees with lots of information, but your goal is to give them enough information to help them start their new job with ease and confidence.

5. Brief Summary of Important Pages

When using a new tool or platform, it would be helpful if there would be a “mini tour” of what to expect. Your company intranet will be used by your employees daily, letting them know where the important pages are by providing them with links or detailed tutorials will be helpful. This type of welcome message will help new hires to do tasks efficiently and accurately. Additionally, you can still offer guidance along the way.

Why is it important to give new employees a warm welcome?

Here are some benefits of giving new employees a warm and positive welcome message:


A positive impression will motivate new employees to stay in your company. Based on studies, how you welcome your new employees during the onboarding process will most likely affect your company’s retention rates. 

Company Culture

From the job offer to the new hire orientation, your employee will be able to determine what kind of company culture you have and what being part of your team means. Showing new employees your company culture and how the working environment feels on their early days are crucial.


As a new hire, imagine feeling unwelcome and disregarded on your first day of work. How would you feel? Most definitely, you won’t feel motivated and comfortable working in such an environment, right? How you welcome new employees will reflect their overall impression of the company. A structured, warm, and sincere welcome will motivate them to reach their full potential and achieve the company’s goals and objectives.


How you welcome new employees set an impression on how relationships are valued in the company. A warm welcome will make new employees feel connected to their colleagues. This creates a positive working environment for both old and new employees.

Examples of Employee Welcome Messages

Example # 1

“Congratulations on your first day, [name]! We hand-picked you to join our company because we believe in you and what you have to offer. Ask questions, share ideas and keep moving forward!"

Example # 2

"Welcome aboard! Words can't express how truly excited we are to see your full potential. You bring a unique perspective to our team. Always feel free to ask us for help — we’re here for you!” 

Example # 3

"Welcome to the team! We would like to congratulate you and inform you that there are several opportunities that you can utilize to accomplish higher positions within the company. The chances for career growth are high. We expect you to support your team and become a responsible and high-yielding employee of the company."

Example # 4

"On behalf of the management team, congratulations and welcome to the team. We will meet with you this morning to discuss your training schedule. In the meantime, please review the documents on your desk, and reach out if you have any questions!'"

Example # 5

"Thank you for joining our team! Based on your skills and experience, I know you're a great fit! Please review the email I sent this morning for your tasks, and I'll see you at our meeting this afternoon!"

Example # 6

“Welcome to the team, [name]! We know that you will accomplish amazing things here — we wouldn’t have hired you if we didn’t believe that. Good luck, we believe in what you're capable of achieving in our company."

Example # 7

"Welcome to the team! We are excited to have you on board and are looking forward to seeing the contributions you will make. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you as you get settled in."

Example # 8

"Welcome to our organization! We are happy to have you here and are confident that you will be a valuable addition to the team. We want you to feel supported and valued as you start your journey with us, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help with anything."

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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