Intranet Comparison: LumApps vs Google Sites

What is LumApps?

  • LumApps is a social and collaborative intranet platform (sometimes referred to as a employee experience platform) that helps organizations to have better communication, collaboration, and engagement with their employees.

  • LumApps does not replace your current productivity suite (Google Workspace or Microsoft 365), rather it integrates these apps into your intranet. LumApps helps organize documents and real-time communications to notify and keep the right people updated.

  • Lumapps is a french origine products, founded in Paris, Ile-de-France

What is Google Sites?

  • Google Sites is the website building app from Google Workspace. It is used by many organisations to create internal websites for departments as well as corporate Intranets.

  • This site,, is built wholly on Google Sites.

  • Google Sites allows users to easily create websites without any background knowledge in programming or web development. It part of Google Workspace's Google Docs Editor family i.e. Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Docs.

  • If you’re familiar with Wix, Squarespace or WordPress you may notice that they are somewhat similar to Google Sites, but the emphasis of those tools are public websites, rather than private intranets. Google Sites, however, gives the secure and private authentication offered by Google Workspace so it provides a seamless experience for Google Workspace users.

  • If you use Google Workspace already then you will find Google Sites easy to use, due to its familiarity with the other Google Workspace apps. Google Sites offers the same sharing model you are used to in Google Drive, so you can avoid any security concerns due to Google Workspace's industry-leading security.

  • Google Sites offers the basic and fundamental features for most websites but lacks essential functionality for that many organisations need on an intranet. Steegle offers a very particular set of tools to provide a fully fledged Intranet via our Springboard Intranet solution.

Key Features of LumApps

LumApps is an Intranet platform that incorporates a rich feature set to provide employees with information about their organisation. Some of its features include:

  • Create a newsletter

  • Embed links, videos, document previews, and pictures

  • Approval workflow

  • Creating surveys for employee feedback

  • Content profiling

  • Create multilingual versions of your content

  • Integration

    • Google Cloud Search Integration

    • Global search

  • Employee Dashboard

    • Email and Calendar Management (Gmail, Outlook 365)

    • Document Sharing (Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint)

    • Business apps

  • Employees are able to create social profiles and set their status

  • Receive notifications on topics or people you follow

  • Employee directory

  • Community calendar

  • Shared document folders

  • Can be accessed on mobile devices

  • Single sign-on ( with Google )

  • SEO features

  • Commentators generally agree LumApps is one of the most comprehensive intranet solutions available.

  • Prospective customers, however, should make sure that the functionality within LumApps is not already provided by other systems they may have, e.g. HR, ERP, Slack or in fact Google Workspace itself.

LumApps Pricing vs Google Sites Pricing

LumApps Pricing

  • It is hard to find published prices for LumApps.

  • LumApps is considered to be a higher tier of software, especially designed for larger companies where the adequate financial and human resources are available.

  • Commentators indicate that the typical cost per user per month is around $20.

  • For 1000 users, therefore, it could cost you around $240,000 per year. This is a very high cost due to the extensive feature set.

Google Sites Pricing

  • Google Sites is Free if you have Google Workspace!

  • If you use add-on tools, that a company like Steegle provides in Steegle Springboard, incurs license fees.

  • Springboard license fees are a tiny fraction of Lumapps - to get a tailored quote for your situation get a quote.

Google Sites for Intranets - Features

Content Management

  • Managing content on Google Site is easy and often self-explanatory.

  • You can add and duplicate pages, hide pages, and archive pages.

  • Embedding document is easy and fun.

  • Edit who can access and edit contents

Media Management

  • Users can easily add:

    • images,

    • videos,

    • complex text.

  • Users can also:

    • Move, edit, resize and drag images.

    • Create a responsive design with a grid layout.


  • You can view and edit users who can access certain pages. Unauthorized users will not be able to access or make edits on your intranet.


  • Seamlessly integrate with Google apps such as Docs, Sheets, Drawing, and Presentation.

Google Sites for Intranets - Limitations

Like any tool or application, Google Sites has some limitations. The following list shows some of the most popular concerns from users:

No Employee Engagement

  • People Directory - No simple way to create an employee directory nor an organisational chart.

  • Employee Recognition - Google Sites does not offer any tools to help you recognise and reward those who have gone the extra mile or if you want to spotlight someone for their achievements.

No News or Announcements

  • Summaries - Google Sites doesn;t summarise recent updates

  • Centralised Tool - there's no tool to allow you to post once and update in various locations

Poor File, Document and Folder Handling

  • Folder Hierarchy - opening a folder takes you to Google Drive

  • Search and Sort - Sites doesn't search your embedded Drive content nor can you sort the list of items

Poor Calendar DIsplay

  • Google Calendar - antiquated displays are not intranet friendly

The Solution?

All of these shortfalls are addressed by Steegle in our comprehensive Springboard Intranet platform.

Feature Comparison Table

Limitations of LumApps

  • Complex - It has a huge feature set that's too much for many companies

  • Staffing - you need to have adequate resources to run the system well

  • Price- it's expensive and price is only available with a quote

  • Testing - LumApps does not offer a free trial

  • Focus - Commentators say its project management is weaker than say

  • Data - The data does not reside in your existing Google tenant and will subject to LumApps security

What is Springboard Intranet for Google Sites?

  • Springboard is an added value intranet solution for Google Workspace that is made using Google Apps Script embedded in Google Sites by

  • Springboard allows you to easily build engaging and compelling intranets based on Google Sites.

  • Addition, Steegle-developed, low-maintenance productivity tools to make your intranet more efficient and effective. Some of the Steegle extensions you can use on your intranet are:

    • Steegle News - comprehensive news management tool;

    • Steegle People - employee directory and org charts based on your Google Workspace directory;

    • Steegle Heroes - employee recognition tool;

    • Steegle Schedule - consistent calendar display.

  • Steegle Share - a powerful way of searching and sharing files and templates from a library

  • Steegle Affinity - creation of automatically subscribed employee affinity groups within Springboard

Steegle People for Google Workspace Logo

Steegle People
for Google Workspace

Searchable staff directory for Google Workspace, with real-time search results, that automatically generates org charts to show your organisation structure - Steegle People.
Steegle Share for Google Drive Logo

Steegle Share
for Google Drive

If the standard Google Drive Folder embed does not give you everything you need, take a look at the Steegle Share for Google Drive that offers search, sorting, download links and more...
Steegle News Gadget for Google Sites Logo

Steegle News
for Google Sites

Display headlines, snippets and metadata linked to your news articles and blog pages on your Google Site and filter by tags added to the news gadget. See the Steegle News Gadget.

Steegle Heroes
for Google Workspace

Employee recognition system: Steegle Heroes allows you to thank and recognise your colleagues, coworkers and employees spotlight a hero as an Employee of the month.

Looking for an intranet solution for Google Workspace?

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