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Tips on effectively managing your intranet content.

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Top Tips for Managing Your New Intranet

Once your company intranet on platforms like Google Sites or Microsoft Sharepoint intranet is up and running, its success will be determined by your strategy in managing your intranet. Nowadays, digital workplace requirements continue to evolve. As business and employee demands continue to increase, modern intranets should be able to adapt to changes. 

Although your intranet functions well on its own and has excellent internal communication and collaboration capabilities to improve employee engagement and user experience, you still need to develop a content management strategy to improve the adoption process.

To have an effective management strategy, you need to implement a plan that is aligned with your company’s goals, employee’s needs, and operational abilities.

Why should you implement an effective content management system? 

To effectively manage an employee intranet, the content management team should be knowledgeable of guidelines in developing, updating, and maintaining content.

Best Practices in Managing Your Intranet Content

Integrate content management solutions to allow users to work seamlessly. Understanding and mastering the lifecycle of intranet web content will be helpful in managing content. It doesn’t stop once your content is published, proper management comes next!

Plan Guidelines in Creating Intranet Content

Deploy strategies and guidelines for content management and content requirements. Here are things to include in the content management lifecycle:

Include instruction and guidelines in creating digital content such as formatting, writing practices, terminology, images, tagging, metadata, and placement.  Having an optimized content strategy is essential in digital marketing.

Content delivery instructions for publishing, formatting, and workflows to ensure that it will be delivered to the right people correctly.

Instructions for editors in rewriting, project management, repurposing, creating, monitoring, deleting, and archiving based on the content’s relevance. Evaluate the type of content to keep your digital assets organized.

Instruction on analysing and reviewing to meet your business needs and improve the quality of intranet content.

remote employee having a meeting


Nowadays, intranet systems need to support remote teams or employees. The company’s resources and intranet contents should be centralized and accessed by remote employees no matter what their location is.


The widely used tools in your corporate intranet should be intuitive and user-friendly for non-technical users and employees.  A user interface like Google Sites helps, which can be learned in hours or even by experience alone. 

Simplify your intranet web design to help boost customer experience.

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Enlist Community Content Manager

It can be challenging to manage your intranet content alone. Enlisting community managers to help you out is one of the best decisions you can make.

An intranet community manager has a working knowledge of managing content with the use of social intranet software.

Communicate with Employees Often

Employee communication is the cornerstone of an intranet. Lack of internal communications between the content managers, colleagues, and higher-ups are often caused by poor and ineffective content management systems. 

Messaging, initiating forum discussions, or team collaborations are some ways to keep communication open and know the current state of your company’s intranet. Provide flexible collaboration solutions to improve productivity and get work done seamlessly.

Document Management System

When your employees log in to the intranet, they are expecting to see relevant company news and content. That is why keeping all intranet content types up-to-date is vital. 

If you encounter any irrelevant or outdated content, list or mark contents that should be updated and assign an employee to  “update” the content.  

Securely integrating workflows and setting up a strategy comes into place here. For instance, there’s a chance that more than one person in a large enterprise will have the same content in one document. This could be avoided by using workflow and approval processes to avoid duplication of documents. 

At Steegle we design our Steegle.One Intranet With Steegle Share and share document content as well as Steegle News tool which makes filling in a form an easy way to update news and announcements.

Assign Ownership to Content

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage your intranet content, it’s best to assign each department and let them “take ownership” of the content their department produces. Then an internal communication manager, IT, or a team can be assigned to create and manage content to ensure that it is being updated and managed appropriately.

For larger corporations, we recommend having a champion for each area to maintain consistency. For example, in our Steegle Steegle.One products we have team, department or regional pages, and we encourage the intranet manager to assign ownership to these pages so they can have up-to-date news and contents like team organisation charts and documents, 

Train Employees on Content Creation

Creating intranet content is relatively easy, however, one must be knowledgeable and skilled in doing so. It can be confusing at first if your employees are not familiar with it, a quick training can help in enhancing their knowledge.

At Steegle we are experts in Google Sites and as part of any of our deployments we offer training from 1 - 150 users.  Normally training takes 1 to 2 hours performed in in two sessions

Enable Enterprise Search Function

Most probably, all employees will look for specific information on a daily basis. Maintaining a robust search engine in your intranet will make it more convenient for your employees and ensure that they can access relevant information, thus, boosting adoption rates.

Enabling a search function in your intranet saves your employees time. 

Easily finding the information they need will increase employee productivity, enhance engagement, and increase efficiency. 

For instance, Google sites have a built-in search capability and if you subscribe to Google Workspace, you will be able to use the Google Cloud Search on your internet portal.

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