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Steegle strengthens your Google Workspace experience.

Steegle can help you create a functional and intuitive Google Workspace-based intranet.

Create an intranet that suits your needs with Steegle:

✔ Tailored according to your brand and culture

Support and coaching from the Steegle Team

✔ Build an intranet using Google Sites editor and Steegle templates

Building an Intranet Made Easy with Steegle

Google Sites itself lacks features that make a fully functional intranet. Steegle developed powerful tools build upon Google Sites technology to make your intranet functional and outstanding. See some of our clients enjoying Steegle solutions below.

Google Workspace Integrations


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What is a Google Workspace-based intranet?

A Google Workspace-based intranet is a platform built on rock-solid Google Sites designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Workspace apps, including Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Calendar.

Why should I choose Steegle for my Google-based intranet?

Over the years, Steegle has been helping clients build a powerful Google-based intranet that users can connect and communicate anytime, anywhere. Steegle developed tools for Google Sites including Steegle People and Steegle Share to create a fully-functional employee experience platform.

Not to mention, our prices are more affordable compared to our competitors. 

I already have Google Workspace, do I still need an intranet?

While Google Workspace is one of the most important productivity tools, you still need a centralized location where users can access relevant company information and resources. By investing in an intranet solution, your employees won't need to use other tools or find important information elsewhere (like the classic telephone list on a spreadsheet). Having an intranet also contributes to your company's culture, growth, and success. 

Is Google Workspace Internet secure?

Yes, Google Workspace technology is used by the US military and is globally considered to be one of the most secure systems in the world. 

Is Google Workspace Internet robust?

Being built on your existing Google Workspace tenant it means that you can rely on the technology to be resilient and robust wherever you access it from around the world. Without the need to synchronise data from Google Workspace to other third-party platforms like Amazon (used by many software as a service intranet providers), you can be assured that the Steegle solution is much more robust.

Client Reviews 

Steegle.One intranet or employee experience platform (EXP) is the engine of your business. For years, we have been helping clients build a successful intranet where users can communicate and connect anywhere and anytime. We've helped every organization of shape and size from 10 to 10,000 users.