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Useful Questions to Ask During an Intranet Demo Call

Panning on investing in an intranet? Here are helpful questions to ask intranet vendors.

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An intranet is an effective way to boost internal communications, improve overall efficiency and save money. With the right choice of proper intranet platform, the company is able to grow faster as well as be an excellent tool for the Maintenance of any organization's knowledge. 

But, before you invest in an intranet solution, you must ask the right questions during a demo call with an intranet vendor to make sure that your intranet is tailored to your company’s and employees’ needs. 

With that in mind, let’s check out some questions you should ask during an intranet demo call:

11 Questions to Ask During an Intranet Demo Call

Before going for a demo call, it’s important to note features that your organization needs and how they will solve current problems you face in your business.

Nowadays, most companies are into remote working so you need to make sure that your intranet is mobile-friendly and cloud-based to enable employees to access important information on the go.

Most importantly, your employees should have no issues using the features. Ask your vendor if they test with the company’s developers or with actual employees or customers.

2. How will the intranet platform integrate with other systems we currently have/use?

Integrations help your employees work efficiently if set up correctly. But, too many integrations could be challenging if there are compatibility issues between the systems or platforms. 

Since modern intranets come with multiple integrations, it’s best to ask the vendor about this because it’s important that your employees can access business tools from one centralized location. 

Common integrations include Google Workspace, Trello, Slack, MS 365, and Jira. 

3. What about customization?

Every organization wants an intranet that is tailored to its objectives and goals. You should find out the vendor’s approach in terms of making changes after implementation in case your company’s priorities change.

Ideal Solutions will allow you to customize your looking feel as things change in the company. Something to be aware of is that many internet platforms are very generic allowing you to change a few colors and icons whereas other platforms allow a lot of customization and flexibility. 

Steegle.One allows maximum customization. Our team will design your Google Site professionally, incorporating your corporate theme, or influenced by your guidelines, and use gadgets to make your site engaging and easy to use. 

4. How does the intranet page builder work? Is there a demo page that we can try?

Many companies are already familiar with how an intranet works, but others are not. If it’s your first time investing in an intranet, it’s important to establish how much support the vendor will offer in the onboarding process and structuring of the intranet. Once you establish an intranet structure, building it comes next. 

The page builder is important because it will determine how fast your intranet will be up and running. 

The best way to determine if the intranet suits your needs is to try it out before paying upfront fees or signing any contracts. A good vendor offers a full feature demo so you can test the platform. This will also give you ample amount of time in making your decision. 

5. How about user experience?

Your employees should seamlessly browse, search, and communicate information in your intranet, as this will also determine intranet adoption rates. Here are some questions you can ask the vendor regarding user experience:

6. Do you have a secure system?

An intranet should have a secure system especially if you’re dealing with highly sensitive data on a daily basis. Otherwise, you could be dealing with potential risks or unauthorized access.

For instance, the intranet of the North Carolina Department of Information Technology and Office of the State Human Resources was hacked and leading to the leak of 84,860 employees’ names and Social Security numbers.

Make sure to ask about security and how the vendor will protect your organization from cyberthreats. 

Steegle.One relies on Google Security. therefore, you know that your site and data are protected by the best-in-class security in the world. Unlike other intranet systems, your sensitive data does not leave your Google domain. Rest assured, sensitive data such as HR information will always be protected.

7. How long have you been in the business?

Why is this question important? A reputable business understands the market and is able to provide insights on how their products will help your business. A well-established business has multiple customer feedback to help improve their customer acquisition strategy.

8. Do we have to deal with recurring or additional costs after intranet implementation?

It’s your responsibility to determine if there would be additional or recurring fees during the initial analysis and after implementation. The vendor should be transparent in discussing all costs for you to determine if the platform is worth investing in or not. 

9. Do you have proof that other clients found your solution valuable?

As mentioned above, a well-established business should have positive customer reviews, case studies, and references that showcase success. You can look for other companies that have similar goals as your organization and have implemented an intranet successfully with the vendor.

Here are some companies that use Steegle.One Intranet:

10. Can the Vendors illustrate the progress of the product? 

As a customer, you want to see a company that is constantly developing the vendor's products and can demonstrate to you that within the last 12 to 18 months they have been suffering changes that are useful.  you also want to be sure that the technology is keeping pace with the market and that you are not buying into a system built on redundant underlying tech.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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