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What is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP)?

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With digital innovation nowadays, most organisations need new tools to help their employees with their day-to-day tasks. Your employee’s experience in your company can be positive or negative. The management and the HR department noticed that when employees feel left out, burnt out, unrecognised, or overwhelmed, it negatively affects their productivity and performance. 

Employee engagement platforms have been around for years, but the employee experience platform is a whole new concept and was introduced by Josh Bersin in 2019. He defined the EXP as “a company-wide initiative to help employees stay productive, healthy, engaged, and on track.”

Launching an employee experience platform (EXP) or intranet helps improve the overall experience of your employees without replacing or changing their current working set-up. 

What is the Goal of an Employee Experience Platform?

Nowadays, more employees demand more control and flexibility and an intranet is the perfect solution for hybrid working models to keep your employees in the loop. An employee experience platform makes working on tasks quicker, easier, and more intuitive. It also helps employees to connect, collaborate, and communicate with their colleagues. 

An excellent intranet is secure, accessible, and has great search and navigating capabilities.

Why Should You Invest On an Employee Experience Platform?

You might be wondering—what is the point of having an intranet if you have content, tools, and systems already in place? To keep it simple, some employees are overwhelmed by all of these at work that it’s stressing them out and affecting their performances. 

Better Communication

Having an intranet makes communication better and easier, especially if you have remote and distributed teams. It is challenging to work with teams miles away or asynchronously. Having a cloud-based intranet like Steegle.One helps employees stay connected and in the loop whenever they work.

Employees Work Smarter

An intranet will help your employees work smarter since they will have access to all the information they need to complete tasks or processes. Imagine how much time your employees will save on searching for what they need. New hires will also not spend their time speaking to their leaders or colleagues about something that they need.

Retaining Talents

People leave a workplace for different reasons but the majority do so if they are unhappy with their working environment, lack of company culture, lack of flexibility, discrimination, wages, and workload. 

An employee experience platform will give you the power to control employee experience by giving your employees more autonomy, and flexibility, supporting their well-being and mental health. Happy employees are less likely to leave your company.

Encouraging Self-Service

Another advantage of an intranet is it encourages employees to handle HR, IT, or administrative needs on their own. Instead of burdening your HR department with leave requests or company policy reviews, your employees have access to important forms and documents from HR within the intranet. Employees can also raise tickets with the IT department in case of any issues. Most companies also provide training or troubleshooting materials on the intranet.

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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