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Audience Q&A - Laser Pointer! - Google Slides

posted 5 May 2016, 14:49 by Stephen Hind [ updated 5 May 2016, 14:50 ]

You can ask your audience questions from Google Slides and use a laser pointer without blinding anyone! Google Slides now offers a few new features and our favourites are inviting the audience to ask questions and you can turn your mouse pointer into a laser pointer.

Invite Questions from the Audience

  1. Start the presentation using the presenter view (this works best when you have two displays, one for the presentation and one for you to see the questions and your speaker notes)
  2. From the presenter view choose if you want to receive questions from anyone or just your organisation
  3. From the presenter view use the Start new button to start receiving questions
  4. At the top of the presentation the audience will see the short web address to visit to ask questions and vote on their favourite questions.
Google Slides - Audience questions and laser pointer

Ask a Question or Vote

  1. Visit the short web address given at the top of the presentation
  2. Type the question you wish to ask (you can choose to ask anonymously)
  3. To vote up or down a question use either the thumbs-up or thumbs-down buttons
Google Slides - Audience questions

Review Audience Questions

You see all of the audience questions appear in the presenter view in real time so you can choose to answer immediately or wait for an appropriate time in the presentation to review the questions to allow time for the audience to vote on the questions.