Using intranets to improve staff morale?

How it used to be

The world of work in the late 20th century was a lot easier to cope with as a human beings. Joe or Jane Bloggs went into a place of work said “Hi” to people they could see around them. Even in a big buildings they knew what was going on because you could actually see the comings and goings and have coffee machine conversations on the grapevine. The pace of change was for the most part manageable.

But in the last 20 years things have developed very rapidly, especially after the pandemic. Organisations are bigger, fluid and more distributed. Teams come together often using specialist resources consultants and contractors, and they can be in multiple locations and even time zones. Joe or Jane may now be interacting with an indian Jasveer or Russian Yana or with people from many nationalities and cultures. (Some might not even drink coffee!)

Combating Frustration

Knowing what’s going in and organisation now can be really challenging, for existing employees and especially new starters or temporary workers. Finding an up-to-date organizational chart in a place to give the correct corporate structure despite the rapid change can be nearly impossible.

HR departments can answer only part of the problem with their employee databases, or specific web based org chart tools like Pingboard, Bamboohr, Organimi or keeping excel spreadsheets because these systems do not encompass hired temporary consultants or seconded resources. They can be complex and expensive - (and some web based organisation chart systems can also harvest your data in non-GDPR-complaint ways). Where software capacity might exist it still requires an army of resources to keep things up to date. This lack of personal information knowledge can lead to a drop in staff morale, ironically for the most dynamic growing organisations the problem is worse as they change the most!

Improve Morale with Technology

At Steegle we have used powerful Google technology to say goodbye to these problems and reduce the burden for HR departments. We developed Steegle People for Google Workspace. Our cost-effective tool works with anyone in an organization that has a Google Workspace account, be they permanent or consultants. If a person has a Google Workspace account they are automatically eligible to be on the system. Not only can they edit their own contact details but also they can provide information that helps colleagues and coworkers engage. Their serious specialist skills like languages or qualifications, as well as their hobbies and interests, which makes starting a conversation or feeling part of an organisation much easier to do, improving staff camaraderie and morale.

Finding people has never been easier using Google search capabilities, you can search on the person or their skills or their line manager.

The system then maps a bubble organizational chart automatically, it's always up to date! Line manager and departments are got from invisible to tangible organizational structure. Its user friendly photo directory makes traditional Visio or Excel org chart seem like dinosaurs. Steegle People is also a fun and team building as it keeps track of things like birthdays and joining anniversaries.

To learn more see Steegle People for Google Workspace - Organization Charts and Staff Directory

Steegle People -Powerful Employee Tool

  • Connect and reconnect staff

  • Unearth hidden skills to help you grow your business

  • Discover virtual teams

  • Mobile and remote work friendly

  • Save your staff time and money

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