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Copy Page - classic Google Sites

Classic Google Sites offers Page-Level Permissions, which means you can invite users to your classic Site and give them different permissions for different parts and pages on the site. This means some users could only view certain pages and edit others.

For new Google Sites see these instructions: Copy Pages - new Google Sites


  1. Navigate to the page you wish to copy;
  2. Use the More button then Copy page (or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+c);
  3. Enter a name for your copied page in the Name your page: box and Select a location for the copied page;
  4. Use the red Copy button at the towards the top of the page to start the page copy process;
  5. Once copied Google Sites will take you to the copied page and open the editor so you can make any necessary changes.

Google Sites - Copy Page - Dialogue Box


Google Sites - More - Copy Page

Google Sites - Copy Page - Video