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Themes, Colours, and Fonts - classic Google Sites

Classic Google Sites allows you to change the theme of your website, which can drastically or subtlety alter how it looks and feels. You can also customise the colour and size of your text, background colours/images and more.

For new Google Sites see these instructions: Themes - new Google Sites


Note: To apply any of these changes, you must be the Site Owner

Change the Site Theme

When you create a site, you are asked to choose a theme. A theme puts certain proportions onto the layout (e.g. the distance between the horizontal navigation bar and the page content), and it also comes with default styles, like fonts, font colours, and background images.

You can change the theme of your site, and customise fonts, colours, images etc. as long as you are a site owner.

  1. Use the More button (shaped like a cog/wheel) and go to Manage Site, and then choose Themes, Colors, and Fonts (see Fig 1)

  2. Use the Base theme menu to choose your theme (see Fig 2)

  3. Use the Clear all customizations option to revert to the theme’s original state

Colours and Fonts

You can change the default style of your fonts in terms of size, colour and font face. You can change the style for the entire site, or only for certain types of text, like Site Title, Page Text and Headings.

  1. To change a default font style, use the More button (shaped like a cog/wheel) and go to Manage Site, and then choose Themes, Colors, and Fonts (see Fig 3)

  2. Select the area of the site you’d like to affect (e.g. Content area)

  3. Select the type of text you’d like to alter (e.g. Text)

  4. Use the options for Font, Size and Color to customise your text

  5. With Headers, you can specify the style for Headers (default), or you can adjust Headers (H2), Headers (H3), Headers (H4) independently

Note: if you customise Text in the Entire page section, this will override all other text customisations

Note: there is no way to customise the Horizontal navigation Dropdown Text Size except for customising the Entire page - Text option

Background Images and Colours

You can set the backgrounds of various parts of the website, including the entire page, the content area, and the site header, to be a particular image or colour.

  1. To access these settings, use the more button (gear/cog) and choose Manage Site, then go to Themes, Colors and Fonts

  2. To change the background image/colour, go to Entire page and Background. Here you can change the background to an image or a colour by using the various options.

  3. To use an image, use the image button (See Fig 4) and upload an image file. You can then choose its alignment, whether or not the image is repeated (useful for patterns) and more using the Options menu

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Change the Site Theme

Manage Site

Fig 1

Choose Theme

Fig 2

Colours and Fonts

Themes, Colors and Fonts Menu

Fig 3

Background Images and Colours

The image button, and image options