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Insert Facebook Page Plugin - new Google Sites

Add a facebook timeline to your new Google Site


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Insert Facebook Page Plugin

  1. Visit Facebook's Page Plugin generator to create the code

  2. Make the customisations you want to the page plugin

  3. Use the Get Code button to get the code

  4. The only option that works with Google Sites the IFrame code

  5. On your Google Site use the Embed tool and either

    • paste the whole IFrame code in the EMBED CODE option

    • or the better option just use the URL from the src attribute of the IFrame code in the BY URL option


  • Facebook's JavaScript SDK does not work in Google Sites' EMBED CODE option.

  • You can only embed timelines you cannot embed FaceBook Groups as this is not something FaceBook allows.

Example Embeds

Facebook Page - BY URL

Facebook Page - EMBED CODE

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