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Insert Google+ Content Streams- new Google Sites

Embed Google+ Communities, Community Categories, Collections, Profile and Search Streams in new Google Sites


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Insert Google+ Content

  1. Get or copy the URL (web address) of the Google+ community, community category, collection or profile you want to embed in you new Google Site
  2. On your new Google Site in the right-hand Insert panel use the Embed option (or from the disc) and on the BY URL tab enter or paste the Google+ content URL
  3. Use the INSERT button on the preview and the Google+ content will appear on the page
  4. Move and resize the embed box as you desire and PUBLISH when you're finished editing


  • The streams will only appear on your address. If you have a custom URL the Google+ content will not appear.
  • You can embed Google+ communities, a community category, collections or profile streams: you cannot embed a single post.
  • The Google+ permissions are respected, so the content will only be visible to those who have access via Google+.

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