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Layout Sections - new Google Sites

Quickly organise the content on your page with predefined section layouts in new Google Sites


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Add templated section layouts

  1. From the right-hand Insert panel in the Layouts section choose the layout you want to add to your page
  2. The new section with the predefined layout you choose will appear at the bottom of the page
    • Alternatively drag the layout you want directly to the area on the page you want it to appear.
  3. Replace the placeholders with your own content
  4. You can move the entire section to wherever you want on the page


  • The box placeholder (with the + in) will allow you to replace it with an image, an item from Drive, a YouTube Video, a Google Calendar or a Google Map, but not an embedded URL or embed code
  • You can copy and paste the box placeholders to make your own page templates.

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