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Revision History (Hidden) - new Google Sites

Find the different versions of your site and pages and site currently hidden in new Google Sites


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Find previous versions of pages

  1. Edit the site and in your web browsers URL bar change the end of the URL from /edit to /preview (keep ?authuser= if it's present).
  2. Add to the end of the URL ?pageRevision= followed by a number (if you see ?authuser=x where x is a number in the URL add ?&pageRevision=y instead [y being a number, 2 or larger] ).
  3. Keep altering the pageRevision number until you find the page revision you want, then you can copy the content from the page. The first version of a page is always 2.

More useful information in the Notes below.

Find deleted pages

  1. Open the site preview from the site editor (or open your site using the /preview URL) and copy link from the site title.
  2. Open the copied site title URL in a new browser tab
  3. In the URL you can see the siteRevision= parameter and the number that follows it
  4. Alter the siteRevision number to a smaller number to see an earlier version of the site. The first version of a site is number 2.
  5. Keep altering the number until you see the page you want in the navigation and then you can visit the page and copy the content from the page.
Hidden revision history in new Google Sites


  • If you see a 500 error you have entered an invalid revision number, e.g. it's too high.
  • Be aware that new Google Sites saves pages automatically at every single change, so the difference between one version and its immediate previous version may only be a single keystroke (almost every letter of every word you type can make its own version).
  • These are all cumbersome hacks with URLs but it's a huge encouragement to see that each page revision is stored and we look forward to Google providing a front-end for this in new Google Sites.
  • The revisions are only accessible by the /preview URL, so only site editors can access.

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