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5 Reasons to Stop Fearing Cloud-Based Intranet Software

Are you still undecided if you should get a cloud-based intranet software? Get to know the benefits of having one!

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With the increasing numbers of organisations that are transitioning to remote and hybrid working environments, it is essential for employees to have a user-friendly, efficient and effective intranet solution. 

There are two types of intranets—the cloud-based intranet and on-premise intranet.

For many years, on-premise intranets have been popular among businesses. However, due to the boom of the cloud computing market and changes in business needs and economic scenarios, many organisations are looking into cloud-based intranet solutions. 

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What is cloud-based intranet and why is it better?

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A cloud-based intranet is an intranet platform that exists in a remote server called the cloud, rather than being hosted on the premises. 

Cloud-based intranets are hosted by third-party providers which can be accessed via the internet. 

Organisations can access cloud-based intranets using any device and anywhere in the world. Moreover, there’s no need to install any hardware or software just to access the intranet platform. 

To learn more about why a cloud-based intranet is better than on-premise intranet solutions, we listed the most important advantages below.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Intranet Software


It’s a no-brainer, on-premise intranets have more expensive up-front equipment and other expenses. On the other hand, cloud-based intranets only have a one-time set-up fee and a monthly charge. 

You won’t need to worry about unexpected expenses such as high employee usage or the need for an IT team. Basically, the operation of a cloud-based intranet is handled by the admin or HR. 

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Agility and Scalability

A cloud-based intranet can quickly adapt to any changes or requirements in the organisation. With an on-premise intranet solution, potential downtime and manual modifications are required when there are any changes.

Most importantly, you don’t need to build everything from scratch and spend on servers. Simply decide on what you want to put on your intranet and in less than a month, you can have your cloud-based intranet up and running. 

You can add apps or tools to make your cloud-based intranet more efficient and effective. For instance, Google Sites doesn’t have the features to create a functional intranet but you can integrate with intranet providers such as Steegle to create a functional Google-based intranet.

Another thing, if you need to add or remove users, a cloud-based intranet can quickly do this. You can also scale up your intranet to meet your needs in case of an influx of new employees.

Ease of Access 

If you have remote or hybrid employees, your intranet should be accessible anytime and anywhere. 

A cloud-based intranet gives employees flexibility and round-the-clock access to important company resources and information no matter what their time zones are. 

This is also beneficial for flexible workers who want to connect after-hours. Even if your organisation is closed, your business will continue to operate which results in increased productivity. 

Better Security and Maintenance

In order to prevent security breaches in the past, an IT team will need to set up firewalls on intranets. Another thing, on-premise intranet solutions are prone to cyberattacks since they are connected to the internet. The downside of this is that remote working is almost impossible which slows down productivity. 

A cloud-based intranet uses the highest security standards. Once your data is stored in the cloud, it is less likely to be breached. This also prevents your organisation from spending on additional security systems or experts.

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Instantly Share Information 

Your employees should always be updated on the latest company events, news, project updates, and other important information. 

This is especially important if you have remote or hybrid working environments. A cloud-based intranet allows employees to be notified of important announcements such as training, emergencies, or regulations. 

Conclusion: Choosing a Cloud-Based Intranet Solution 

Every business that’s looking for upgrades is bound to consider the cloud-based intranet option. The benefits we listed above highlights the top reasons why you should choose to have a cloud-based intranet solution. But, remember that your decision will depend on the nature of your business, scale, budget, and other factors. 

Now that you know how a cloud-based intranet can benefit your organisation, have you already decided on your intranet provider? Check out our Top Intranet Packages for 2022 article for more information!

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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