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Difference Between the Internet and an Intranet

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Everyone is familiar to everyone who has been using computers or smartphone for any length of time, be that a Google search, brand website or a social site like Facebook. It is a place where anyone can access?

But what is an intranet? An intranet site is a website which is exclusively for member of a business or organisation protected by security from the outside world, where employee or members can share content, news, policies, documents information safe in the knowledge it can only be seen by other validated coworkers or participants.

Learn more below, let's discuss the differences between the internet and an intranet.

What is the Internet?

The internet is a global network of computers where people are able to communicate, share information and access the World Wide Web.

What is an Intranet?

On the other hand, an intranet is a private or closed network—which means only authorized users can have access to it. It is like the restricted version of the internet where only employees, partners, shareholders, or investors have access to it. Organizations use an intranet to store, share, and organize relevant information within the organization.

Some examples of an intranet platform are Steegle, Happeo, and LumApps. To have a more detailed review of the top intranet platforms for 2022, read our article here.

Internet vs Intranet

Features of the Internet

  • The internet can be accessed by everyone

  • Easy to transfer information and data

  • Every device or computer using the internet is independent

  • A network of networks

  • No restriction on the information being shared and accessed

Features of an Intranet

  • Safer and more secure

  • Large files such as images, videos, and sounds are processed faster on an intranet

  • Fast and accurate

  • An easy way to monitor your business or organization

  • Protected from external threats

  • Easily transfer relevant information within the organization


  • The internet is a public network

  • Unlimited number of users

  • The internet contains various types of data and information

  • Anyone with a computer, laptop or mobile phone can access the internet

  • Internet contains intranets

  • The internet is not as secure as an intranet


  • An intranet is a closed or private network

  • Limited and authorised users only

  • An intranet contains relevant information for an organization

  • Only authorized users with login details can have access to an intranet

  • An intranet is accessed using the internet with restrictions

  • Safe and secure network

  • Sometimes intranets are called other names e.g. Employee Experience Platforms (EXP) or Employee Portals, Employee wikis, Employee Self Service (ESS)

How the Internet Can Be Used

  • To communicate (e.g sending emails, using social media, etc)

  • Sharing files

  • Video conferencing

  • Browsing the internet for information

  • Access websites and applications

  • Download files, programs, and applications

  • E-commerce

How an Intranet Can Be Used

  • Access to company news, data, and documents

  • Sharing company’s policies and regulations

  • Access to the employee database

  • Submitting daily reports

  • Means of communication within the company

  • Sharing common knowledge and information

  • Access to training materials

  • Access to customer information

Article by Maria Gabrielle

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