How to Get Your Team on the Same Page

It has been determined that a centralized platform or intranet would benefit the organization, however, the idea of implementing an intranet may seem overwhelming and challenging.

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Have you been looking for a centralized place where employees can work and collaborate better? We know that building an intranet is challenging and daunting. 

But don't fret, our team of experts is here to assist with the process of creating a Google Workspace-based Intranet for your team. 

Our specialists are experienced in designing visually appealing solutions that reflect your brand and embody your company culture.

Why Should You Build a Google-Based Intranet?

Our powerful intranets are built using Google Sites. Google Sites is a reliable and easy-to-use platform for creating intranets as part of Google Workspace or as standalone projects. Our team specializes in developing innovative and responsive intranet designs for organizations using Google Sites in Google Workspace, with tools that enhance functionality.

Our Steegle.One Intranet, a Google Workspace Intranet Solution, offers a range of features including fully automated organizational charts, announcements, employee profiles, file sharing, and much more. In addition, we can redesign existing intranets or migrate legacy intranets from SharePoint or other systems to new Google Sites intranet designs within or outside of Google Workspace.

Check out our Why You Should Build a Google-Based Intranet article for more information.

Keeping Your Employees On the Same Page with These Simple Steps

Implementing a Google Workspace Intranet with our team involves four simple steps.

Phase 1: Designing

During this phase, one of our experts will work with your team to gather requirements and determine the appearance and branding of the company intranet. This phase is crucial for ensuring that the intranet fits seamlessly into your organization.

Steegle will help you design and launch your intranet in weeks. We typically kick off projects one week from the start of the contract. Our experienced design team will build you a skeleton alpha site within 5 days.

Phase 2: Building

Our team will utilize the information gathered in the design phase to begin constructing the intranet. This phase only takes around three to four weeks, faster than other intranet providers which typically take a few months, depending on your specific requirements. 

The only thing left for you to do at this point is to wait until we finished building your intranet.

Phase 3: Refining

Once the Intranet is functional, it is time for your team to begin loading content and making any necessary changes. Our team will be available to assist with any refinements needed.

Rest assured, our support team will help you manage, launch, and update your intranet.

Phase 4: Training & Launching

We offer training sessions to ensure your team is comfortable using the site. 

Steegle Team provides support to address issues or answer questions that may arise even after launching your intranet. 

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Article by Maria Gabrielle