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What makes a good company intranet?

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What's an intranet?

Intranets, sometimes called Employee Experience Platforms (EXP) or Employee Portals, Employee  wikis,  Employee Self Service (ESS),  etc, are an important part of the digital workplace in an organisation. They enhance internal knowledge sharing by signposting the different digital (and physical) facilities, documents and services. 

Think of it as the reception in a building where you will find guidance about digital information pertaining to the company it serves, or helps collaborators find documentation about specific roles and processes. 

Make Google Sites
the Virtual  Head Office to your Business

What should a great intranet do?

Creating an exceptional intranet experience is vital for fostering a connected and productive workplace. Here's a concise list of 15 key functions that embody what an effective intranet should deliver, offering a blend of information accessibility, collaboration, and cultural cohesion:

This structured approach ensures that the intranet not only serves as a practical tool for daily operations but also as a dynamic platform that supports and uplifts the organization's workforce.

Steegle Employee helping customer explaining how their Internet should be set up and what a great Internet can do

The intranet collaboration premise

What's the true value of having an intranet?

The true benefits of having an intranet are not the technical aspects of what people can do with it. Your CEO is not that concerned about the fact “the intranet promotes collaboration” or that “the intranet helps to manage content better”. 

In various surveys most intranet power-users agree that intranets must support three equally important business drivers:

How can intranets support innovation, operations, and employee engagement?



Employee Engagement

How to Plan Intranet Content

Typical Elements that Employee Experience Platforms (EXP) Intranets can have

A diagram depicting the different areas in which an Internet or an employee experience platform can provide information for example department microcytes social media communication and learning apps benefits and finance collaboration spaces

Intranet pitfalls to watch out for!

Where can you build an intranet?

How do you build an intranet?

Do you need to know code in order to do it? Is there any reliable tool or service that you can use that won't take you too long to learn? Is there any reputable provider you can refer to? 

The answer is YES... 

Google Sites can give a great intranet

Why Google Sites?

Steegle employee depicting brainstorming session with a client on developing a Google site in London office

Top tips for using Google Sites for you new intranet



Is Google Sites secure?

Google designed Google Workspace to meet stringent privacy and security standards. Google Sites is thus secured in the same way.

However perhaps the nicest thing is that while all the security standards do exist at the back-end 'brains',  from the end user perspective, security is relatively straightforward! Users are able to work at home or in any location without the need for complex VPN setups which typically are difficult to handle and support.

Google guarantee of uptime percentage in their service level agreement is at greater than 99.9% 

Does Google Sites have any limitations?

As any tool or application, Google Sites has some limitations. The following list shows some of the most popular concerns from users: 

Intranet based on Google sites and any limitations which are overcome by Steegle springboard
Steegle Springboard: an intranet solution built on Google Sites with Steegle's extra tools bundled into one package


Google Workspace Intranet Solution 

Get all of the power of professionally supported Google Site with enhanced power tools from Steegle at an affordable price.

Steegle Springboard intranet solution is fully mobile responsive and displays well on any screen size

Save using Steegle.One Intranet by Steegle

Steegle.One  Opex Cost vs other Intranet platforms

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Should I choose Google Sites over Confluence?

Confluence is a great product for people who use Jira software development tools. However, most experts agree that it is not designed out of the box as an intranet, and it doesn't feature well as an easy to use enjoyable intranet tool. As Google Sites is essentially free, relatively easy to learn and far more engaging visually,  there are good reasons to choose it over Atlassian Confluence, even if you use Confluence for technology projects.

How do I see more Google Intranet Designs? 

Google Sites Designs for your Intranet

At Steegle.com we love to develop and design your innovative and responsive professional intranets using Google Sites, renovate existing intrantes, and migrate non-Google Workspace intrantes over to Google Sites. If you want a unique theme for new Google Sites then see our Intranet Designs.

Unrivalled intranet reliability with Google Sites

Google Sites takes advantage of working in the cloud, Google's reliability (99.9% uptime availability), and no hosting fees. If you're interested in an intranet built on Google Cloud's  let our intranet solutions team know your needs.

Need Google Sites Intranet Services?

If you want to get a particular theme designed for your Google Site then let the expert Google Sites web designers know and we can build your website.

How long does a Steegle intranet project work?

Typical Engagement Scenario

Companies that use Google Workspace and Sites

Google workspace is used by millions of users every day. Google Sites is used by clients like

Can I use Google sites on mobile devices?


Google sites is a responsive platform which enables it to work on a variety of end-points like PC, Macs Tablets and Mobiles. 

You can also adapt it to be a mobile first type of intranet (as seen on our mobile intranet page)