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Basics - GBBO Webinar - Google Sites

Post date: Sep 24, 2010 5:54:27 AM

Steegle is Invited by Google to Host a Webinar

The video below is a recording of the webinar we did for the Get British Business Online (GBBO) campaign. In the video we demonstrate how to perform some of the basic tasks with Classic Google Sites. See the timeline below the video for a summary of what we cover.


  • 00:00 Introduction

      • Sign In to a Google Site

      • Create a Page - briefly discuss default templates

      • Edit a Page - briefly discuss the editor's tools

      • Revision History - compare and revert to previous versions

      • Page Settings - change the URL of a page

    • 06:36 Change a Logo on a Classic Google Site

    • 07:50 Using Themes and Templates on a Classic Google Site

      • Change Base Theme

      • Customise Theme

      • Change Template

    • 12:04 Classic Google Sites General Design Advice

      • Site width (fixed or proportional pros and cons)

      • Sidebar Navigation

      • Header Navigation

      • Global Footer

    • 21:22 Adding Images

      • Uploading your own images - directly to your Classic Google Sites page and positioning

      • Picasa Web Album Integration

        • Insert a Picasa Photo to a Classic Google Site

        • Insert a Picasa Slideshow to a Classic Google Site

    • 28:09 Adding Gadgets

      • Maps - Find "Google London SW1W 9TQ" in Google Maps and add to a Classic Google Site

      • Form - Create a Google Spreadhseet Form in Google Docs and add to a Classic Google Site

      • Video - Add a YouTube Video to a Google Site

    • 37:10 Questions and Answers

      • How can you remove the GBBO logo?

      • How can you edit and remove the sidebar?

      • How to stop links changing colour when used (clicked)?

      • How can we find out how many people have visited the website?

      • When a visitor uses a form on the site where does the information go and how do we get notified?

      • I'm not appearing in search results: how can I change this?

      • How can I do more advanced image editing?

      • How can I add a shopping cart to your site?

      • How can I embed a calendar in my site?

      • Can I use flash on a Google Site?

      • How can I change the logo (favicon) in the address bar?


Please let us know if this article helped or if you know of of any improvements.

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