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Copy Site - Change the URL of your Site - classic Google Sites

Make copy of your classic Google Site to a new location, which means you can change the URL of your site (provided the URL you want to use is not already in use, deleted or reserved).

For new Google Sites see these instructions: to copy a site see Copy Site - new Google Sites; to change its URL see Sharing and Publishing - new Google Sites


  1. Sign in to your site and use the More button (looks like a cog or a gear) and then Manage site.

  2. Go to the General page and scroll down and use the Copy this Site button

  3. Enter the site name, your new URL, choose if you want to keep the revisions and sharing, enter the captcha code and use the Copy site button.


  • This will not redirect your previous site's URL to your new site: you will need to put a link on your old site to your new site to direct visitors to the right place.

Copy a classic Google Site to a new URL

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