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Adding Google Analytics - classic Google Sites

With Google Sites you do not need to add code to your site, just the Tracking ID.

For new Google Sites see these instructions: Add to Google Search Console - new Google Sites


  1. Go to Google Analytics and sign up for an account (if you have not already done so) and sign in.

  2. Once signed in to Google Analytics you will see one of two pages dependent on whether you use Google Analytics already:

    • What do you want to track: if you do not use Google Analytics already you see this page, so continue to Step 3 below;

    • Account Home: if you already use Google Analytics you will see your Account Home page that lists your existing accounts. Go to the Admin tab and use the +New Account button and you will see the What do you want to track page.

  3. Once you can see the What do you want to track page use the large Website button (not App) and:

    • in the Website name box enter your Google Site's address (e.g.;

    • in the Web Site URL box enter your Google Site's address (e.g.;

      • If you want to use your custom web address mapping (e.g. select http:// from the drop-down;

      • If you want to use your address select https:// from the drop-down;

    • choose a suitable Industry Category;

    • choose an appropriate country and time zone under

    • Reporting Time Zone;

    • In the Setting up your account section enter your Google Site's address (e.g. in the Account Name box;

  4. Once you finish entering all this information use the blue

  5. Get Tracking ID button

  6. Google Analytics will now give your your websites Tracking ID that looks like UA-123456789-1 (yours may be longer or shorter) and you can find it highlighted in blue on the screenshot on the right.

  7. Use the blue Save button and you're finished in Google Analytics

  8. Return to your Google Site and now use the More button then choose Manage Site and go to the General tab

  9. Once in the General settings check the Statistics tick box and enter the Tracking ID in the Paste your Analytics Web Property ID here: text box.

After 24 hours you should start to see data in Google Analytics.

Please let us know if this article helped.

We can offer training on how to get add Google Analytics to your Google Site and how to get the best out of Google Analytics (like the best reports to use and what to do about the statistics Google Analytics gives) via Skype or Google+ Hangout through our one-shot support service.

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Google Sites Screenshots

Google Sites - Manage Site - General

Enter Analytics Tracking ID

Google Analytics Screenshots

Google Analytics Sign Up First-time users only

Google Analytics Account Home - Existing users

Google Analytics - What would you like to track

Google Analytics - Tracking ID