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PayPal Simple Storefront Gadget - classic Google Sites

PayPal has released a gadget to add PayPal Buy Now Buttons and Shopping Carts to your classic Google Site.

For new Google Sites get your button code at and then embed - see: Insert HTML, JavaScript and CSS - new Google Sites

Instructions - PayPal Buy Now Button/Add to Cart Button

  1. Go to the page you want to add the button to and use the Edit Page button

  2. Use the Insert menu then More Gadgets...

  3. Go to the Featured section and find the PayPal Simple Storefront gadget and click on it and use the Select button

  4. Choose either Buy Now Button or Add to Cart button. If you choose Add to Cart then you also need a View Cart button, so see the PayPal View Cart Button instructions below

  5. In Email Address enter the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account

  6. Choose your Country and Currency

  7. In Item Name and Item Description enter the name and a description of the item you wish to sell

  8. In Item Options enter the list of options for the product: use the pipe symbol ( | ) to separate your options; e.g. if you offer your product in sizes enter Small|Medium|Large

  9. In Item Options Title enter the title for your options, e.g. Size

  10. In Item Image enter a URL (web address) of your item's picture that has a height of 120 pixels

  11. Enter you item's Price, cost of Postage and Package and the applicable VAT Rate

  12. In the Display section enter a Height and Width appropriate for your button and choose if you want a Border and Title. Without a border and title the gadget looks blended in.

  13. Use the OK button and then use the Save button to save the page and view your PayPal button.

Instructions - PayPal View Cart Button

  1. Follow steps 1 to 5 from the PayPal Add to Cart Button Instructions above

  2. Follow steps 12 and 13 from the PayPal Add to Cart Button Instructions above

Since this is a new Google Site it does not support gadgets as PayPal specifically developed the gadget for classic Google Sites. To see examples of the buttons you can visit Steegle on classic Google Sites.

Example PayPal Storefront buttons on classic Google Sites


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PayPal Simple Storefront Gadget

PayPal Buy Now Button/Add to Cart Button

PayPal Item Details

PayPal Button Display Options

PayPal View Cart Button