Benefits of Intranet for Education

Discover the benefits of utilizing Steegle's intranet for education, including improved communication, collaboration, and organization for students, teachers, and administrators. Learn how this powerful tool can enhance the educational experience.

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Educational institutions embrace and put importance on digital communication. Nowadays, the internet can be used by students to complete assignments, communicate with fellow students and teachers, and have access to important information. However, allowing students to have full access to the internet can expose them to harmful materials. 

This is one of the reasons why most schools opt for an intranet system for education. This allows educational institutions to create a private network where students and teachers can communicate and share information. 

There are three types of intranet for education—it can be for students, teachers, and parents.

Student-Centered Intranet

This intranet is mostly based on student content, where students can publish or submit their work. Having a student-centred intranet will make communication easier for students. Rather than using multiple communication apps, students will be able to communicate and collaborate in one secured environment. 

Most intranets for students include:

Intranet for Teachers and Staff

A very difficult problem for modern schools is that there are plenty of choices on how to communicate between staff. Sometimes that involves using email, Facebook messenger, Google chat, WhatsApp, etc., which can be very confusing. It is important that every staff member is on the same page and understands what's going on from a staffing and management point of view within the school or college. In fact, in our experience, there are many cases where different faculties and departments are using different tools which not only presents a communication difficulty but also can be a health and safety issue in the event of emergency situations. 

This provides a fast, secure, and reliable channel of communication for the teachers and staff. It also helps teachers work efficiently and manage their classes effectively. 

An educational intranet can be used to update employee handbooks, view and update documents, prepare projects, schedule meetings, and other important school activities. Staff can also share their personal information when needed. 

It also helps new teachers, teaching assistants, and possibly third parties like medical advisers, caterers, and maintenance which makes the education institution more efficient.

Some features included are:

Parent Portal 

An educational intranet for parents or sometimes called the “parent portal” gives parents access to key information about a student’s life in school. Most parent portals are web-based and can be accessed anywhere using an internet connection.

Some features included are:

7 Benefits of an Intranet Education

Having centralised access to information and tools will help teachers and students share documents and files. The most important benefit of an educational intranet is it allows students to stay connected with their classmates and teachers, which boosts their productivity.

Google-based intranets are popular because of their collaboration features which help strengthen internal collaboration. Students can access and work on the same document simultaneously.

Intranets allow organisations to store digital records of staff and teachers for future use. This is extremely useful for universities with hundreds of staff and thousands of students. Having accurate staff records will make it easier for different departments to reach out to the right people for specific projects. 

An intranet like Steegle.One makes it easier for an organisation to keep and organise digital staff records. All employees including administrative staff, teachers, part-time workers, club members, etc, will have their own profile on the intranet. This will help other employees be familiar with their colleagues.

Each year, schools and institutions have many events. An effective way to keep the staff and students informed about upcoming events is by posting them on your school’s intranet. 

An intranet makes it easier for teachers and administrators to schedule appointments, events, classroom activities, training sessions, and meetings. An integrated calendar will also allow managers to effectively coordinate school activities across different departments. 

Modern intranets like Steegle.One allows users to view upcoming events in their calendar.

Intranets allow school administrators to create forms or workflows to simplify the processes by reducing paper-based forms. Aside from saving time and resources, this reduces errors and increases efficiency. 

For example, school managers can create forms for student applications, feedback, and incident reports.

One way to improve internal communication and stay connected is by sharing news and announcements on your school’s intranet. News should be up-to-date and relevant to also help increase intranet adoption. 

Announcements like class suspensions, gatherings, or important school activities can also be posted on your intranet to keep the whole student body informed.

Most teachers believe that personalising their student’s education is the key to success because it makes the students responsible for their own learning. 

In the past, most intranets were just used to store and share documents across the institution. Modern intranet solutions allow teachers to set deadlines and submit their own coursework. Students can also reach out to their teachers if they have questions or concerns.

More advanced intranet solutions allow students to take tests, join discussion groups, and access live information. 

An intranet allows teachers and staff members to share vital information. Students can also use the intranet to access and download course materials. Modern intranet solutions like Spribboard by Steegle have powerful search capabilities and quick document surfacing to help users get information quickly.

Why should you create a Google-Based Intranet for Education?

Google-based intranets are popular because of their collaboration features which help strengthen internal collaboration. Students can work on the same document simultaneously. 

Google Workspace for Education provides cloud-based tools including collaboration apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Classroom. The best part is, Google Workspace is free for qualifying institutions.

 Google also offers premium paid editions including Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus.

To enhance user experience, Steegle provides tools to unlock advanced intranet features. 

With a Google-based intranet, selected users will be able to view and edit documents seamlessly. We know that teachers and administration staff deal with lots of tasks daily, that’s why we figured out that an intranet like Steegle.One is the best way to manage these tasks effectively.

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