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Update - New Google Sites - Calendars and Team Drive

posted 20 Mar 2017, 18:23 by Stephen Hind [ updated 22 Aug 2017, 11:06 ]

The newest features:

  • Insert multiple calendars in one display
  • Saved changes notification
  • Insert from Team Drive
  • Team Drive sharing

These features have been released to personal Google Sites and G Suite domains that use the Rapid Release and takes 1-3 days for roll out to complete. For G Suite domains that use Scheduled Release you can expect to begin to see the feature on 02 May 2017.

Insert multiple calendars

When you choose more than one calendar to display instead of multiple calendar embed boxes appearing in your site you now see all calendars in one display. For more detailed instructions see Insert Calendars.

Insert multiple calendars in new Google Sites

Saved changes notification

When Google Sites automatically saves your pages you now get the same notification as the rest of the Google Drive editors.

Insert from Team Drive

See how to insert resources stored in Team Drives, or the Team Drive itself, in our instructions: Insert from Team Drive.

Insert items from Team Drive in new Google Sites

Team drive sharing

Compare the differences of sharing permissions added from Team Drive and directly from Google Sites: Team drive sharing.

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